Mktg 14

  1. Supply Chain
    connected chain of all the biz entities, both internal and external to the company that perform or support the logistics function
  2. Supply Chain Management
    mgmt system that coordinates and integrates all of the activities performed by supply chain members into a semless process, from the source to the point of consumption, resulting in enhanced customer & economic value
  3. Dual Roles of Supply Chain Mgmt
    • Communicator of customer demand from point of sale to supplier.
    • Physical Flow process that engineers the timely & cost-effective movement of goods.
  4. Supply Chain Integration
    when multiple firms in a supply chain coordinate their activities and processes so that they are seamlessly linked to one another in an effort to satisfy the customer
  5. Benefits of Supply Chain Management
    • Report lower inventory, transportation, warehousing & packaging costs
    • greater supply chain flexibility
    • improved customer service
    • higher revenues
    • increased profitability
  6. 6 Types of Integration
    • Relationship Integration
    • Measurement " "
    • Technology & Planning " "
    • Material & Service Supplier " "
    • Internal Operations " "
    • Customer " "
  7. Business Processes
    bundles of interconnected activities that stretch across firms in the supply chain
  8. 8 Key Business Processes
    • customer relationship mgmt
    • customer service mgmt
    • demand mgmt
    • order fulfillment
    • manufacturing flow mgmt
    • supplier relationship mgmt
    • product development & commercialization
    • returns mgmt
  9. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Process
    • allows companies to prioritize their mktg focus on different customer groups according to each group's long-term value to the company or supply chain
    • includes both segmentation of customers by value & the generation of customer loyalty
  10. Customer Service Management Process
    presents a multi-company, unified response system to the customer whenever complaints, concerns, questions or comments are voiced
  11. Demand Management Process
    seeks to align supply and demand throughout the supply chain by anticipating customer requirements at each level and creating demand-related plans of action prior to actual customer purchasing behavior
  12. Order Fulfillment Process
    • highly integrated process, often requiring persons from multiple companies and multiple functions to come together and coordinate to create customer satisfaction at a given place and time
    • one of the most fundamental processes
  13. Manufacturing Flow Management Process
    concerned with ensuring that firms in the supply chain have the needed resources to manufacture with flexibility and to move products thru a multi-stage production process
  14. Supplier Relationship Management Process
    closely related to the manufacturing flow management process and contains several characteristics tha tparallel the customer relationship management process
  15. Product Development & Commercialization Process
    includes the group of activities that facilitates the joint development and mktg of new offerings among a group of supply chain partner firs
  16. Returns Management Process
    enables firms to manage volumes of returned product efficiently while inimiing returns-related costs and maximizing the vlue of the returned assets to the firms in the supply chain
  17. Logistics
    process of strategically managing the efficient flow and storace of raw materials, in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption
  18. Logistical Components of the Supply Chain
    • sourcing & procurement of raw materials and supplies
    • production scheduling
    • order processing
    • inventory control
    • warehousing and materials handling
    • transportation
  19. Logistics Information System
    link that connects all the logistics functions of the supply chain
  20. Supply Chain Team
    entire group of individuals who orchestrate the movement of g/s and info from the source to the consumer
  21. Mass Customization (build-to-order)
    production method whereby products are not made until an order is placed by the customer; products are made according to customer specs
  22. Just-In-Time Production (JIT)
    process that redefines and simplifies manufacturing by reduing inventory levels and delivering raw materials at the precise time they are needed on the production line
  23. Order Processing System
    system whereby orders are entered into the supply chain and filled
  24. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    info technology that repalces the paper documents that usually accompany biz transactions, such as POs and invoices, with electronic trasmission of the needed info to reduce inventory levels, improve cash flow, streamline operations and increase the speed and accuracy of info transmission
  25. Inventory Control System
    method of developing and maintaining an adequate assortment of materials or products to meet a manufacturer's or a customer's demand
  26. Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)
    inventory control system that manages the replenishment of raw materials, supplies and components from the supplier to the manufacturer
  27. Distribution Resource Planning (DRP)
    inventory control system that manages the replenishment of goods from the manufacturer to the final consumer
  28. Automatic Replenishment Program
    real-time inventory system that triggers shipments only when a good is sold to the end user
  29. Materials-Handling System
    method of moving inventory into, within and out of the warehouse
  30. Outsourcing (contract logistics)
    manufacturer's or supplier's use of an independent third party to manage an entire function of the logistics system, such as transportation, warehousing or order processing
  31. Electronic Distribution
    distribution technique that includes any kind of product or service that can be distributed electronically, whether over traditional forms such as fiber-optic cable or through satellite transmission of electronic signals
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