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  1. Deferoeximne
    IM and IV, low oral avaliability
  2. Ferrous Salts
    • Iron deficiency treatment - oral prepration
    • Ferrous Gluconate better than Ferrous sulfate > Ferrous fumarate
  3. Free Ferric Fe
    • Iron deficiency - IV/MI (parenteral) prepration
    • for those who can't absorb oral ferrous
    • or renal disease on EPO administration, require larger dosage
    • Toxicity exists
  4. Iron dextran
    Ferric oxyhydroxide
  5. Deferoxamine
    • Iron chelator
    • low oral avaliability - IM/IV administration
    • Removes Fe from hemosiderin, ferritin and Tf but not Hb or cytochroms
    • Yay, its sooo magical
    • Iron poisoning and Fe overlaod
  6. Deferasirox
    • Iron chelator
    • Good oral avaliability
    • Chronic iron overload (frequent blood transfusions)
    • it doesn't work as well but at least you can take it orally
  7. Schilling test
    • pernicious anemia associated B12 deficiency vs. distal ileum disfunction B12 deficiency
    • B12 associated with IF vs B12 alone
    • If radio labled B12 found in feces when IF is co-administered then pernicious anemia
    • If B12 not found regardless of IF then damage to distal ileum
  8. B12 oral administration
    • Cyanocobalamin
    • hydroxocobalamin
  9. Folic Acid
    • Folate Oral administration
    • good absorption
  10. Leucovorin
    • folinic acid
    • skips folate reductase processing
    • Prophylaxis of methotrexate (anti-cancer by anti folate reductase and cell division) toxicity
    • --Leucovorin rescue - brings cell division back from methotrexate therapy
    • Potientiation of 50fluorouracil therapy
    • --enhance anti-cancer toxicity
  11. Recombinant human EPO
    • Epoetin beta >Darbepoetin alpha > Epoetin alfa
    • epoetin not approved by FDA
    • Darbepoetin alfa 1 dose/ week
    • Epoetin alfa 3 dose/week
    • often used for chronic renal disease secondary anemia
    • take with folate and Fe
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