1. To what country does the Yucatan belong?
  2. What city is the capital of the Yucatan?
  3. What is a Mestizo?
    Spanish Mayan Hybird.
  4. How long does it take to make a hammock?
    10 days
  5. What is the most famous and best Mayan ruin in the Yucatan?
    Chichen Itza
  6. The Mayans took sports seriusly. What happened to the loser?
    Cut off their head
  7. What does Chichen Itza mean?
    Mouth of the well of the Itza
  8. Which is the better calender, Julian or Mayan?
  9. Is Tulum on the Coast or island?
  10. INRI was printed at the top of the jesus picture. what does it mean?
    King of the jews
  11. What does Tululm mean?
    City of Dawn
  12. Tulum was abandoned in the 17th cantury, give a date It the 17th century
  13. What is the principal town, and what is the capital of belize?
    • Belize-Principal town
    • Belmopan- is capital of Belize.
  14. Why is Belize an english speaking country?
    British Pirates settled here
  15. The landing in Placencia was normal looking.
    Falsh. ruff
  16. Conch soup is a staple. What is Conch?
    Shell fish
  17. Belize sports the largest reef in the western hemisphere. what is the name of the smallisland there?
    Cay Island
  18. Where did the Maya bury their relatives
    under there living room floor
  19. what do the Mennonites believe?
    not do anything wordly-sinful
  20. What is the name of the Guatemalan currency?
  21. What is the name os the best known Mayan ruin in Guatemala?
  22. How many structures have been found there?
  23. what is the capital of Guatemala?
    Guatemala City.
  24. Why were the two male travellers trying to leave Guatemala city?
    pollution, unfriendly, crazy drivers
  25. Late Atitlan is popular. why?
    most beautiful lake in the world.
  26. What is the former capital of Guatemala?
  27. On what Volcano does the movie end?
  28. Guatemala do`s and dont`s
    • -DO NOT engage in loud aggressive behavior
    • -DO NOTgo with out photocopy of passport at all times is agist laws.
    • -DO leave tips for street performances
    • -DO be prepared for the heat.
  29. Belize Do`s and Dont`s
    • -DO NOT expect wide sandy beaches
    • -DO NOT remove coral or other sea life without licences is agaiast law.
    • -DO visit one Belize many cares
    • -DO try and meet locals.
  30. MEXICO Do`s and DON`t `s
    • -DO NOT get arrested in MExico
    • -DO NOT ask questions about money
    • -DO ask about children and relatives
    • -Do remember lunch is between 2-3 hours
  31. What is the word for Recruting into your Religion?
    Proselyte----A new convert to a doctrine or religion.
  32. What cities are part of mexico- YUCANTAN?
    • Merida-capital
    • Chichen Itza
    • Cancun
    • Playa del Carmen
    • Cozumel-Island
    • Tulum
  33. BELIZE cities?
    • Belmoepan-Capital
    • Belize city
    • Placencia
  34. GUATEMALA Cities??
    • Tikal
    • Guatemala City-capital
    • Antigua
    • Volcano Pacaia
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