race and ethinicity

  1. when does sterotyping occurr?
    when we exaggerate oversimplified images of the characteristics of social categories
  2. there is no such thing as race (T/F)
  3. what is racism defined?
    combination of prejudice and discrimination
  4. what is prejudice?
    • thought
    • unfavourable generalized and rigid beliefs applied to all members of a group
  5. what is discrimination?
    • action
    • practices that deny groups equal access to societal rewards
  6. what do we know about race and science?
    didnt begin with science but actually pre dates it
  7. when was term race first used?
    william dunbar in 1508
  8. what did darwin suggest?
    people posesses genetic material and were able to adjust to their environment
  9. what did gregor mendels research suggest?
    • biological traits not passed on
    • not clones of our parents
  10. race is not a meanugful ________ category
  11. race is a social contruction, an achieved status as much as it is an ascribed status because
    • over life we contruct meaning of race just as social class
    • 1. racial classification are arbitrary
    • 2.genetic differences between groups are small
    • 3.genetic differences are behaviourally significant
  12. wat did W.I thomas say?
    • if people define situations as real, they are real in their consequences -thomas theorem
    • beflief in race gives rise to interpersonal racism
  13. what are two types of intsitutional racism?
    • systematic- black people not gettin served
    • systemic- height and weight restrictions for work
  14. what is intstitutional racism?
    discriminatory racial practices built into structures such as political, economic and education system
  15. what is everyday racism?
    word and ideas you use in everyday life
  16. what is ideological racism?
    certain cultural values that we have
  17. describe racism from sociological perspective:
    give life to believe race and how we treat other people
  18. what are 3 reason why racial crimes occue:
    • biological
    • psychological
    • normative explanations
  19. expalin biological racial crimes:
    • ethnic grouping is natural
    • discrimination prejudice and ethnocentrism will comtinue to happen
  20. explain Van den Berge
    reason why people attracted to each other= genetical reality
  21. what are three categories of race according to Rushton:
    • negroids- more succeptible to crime and violence
    • caucasoids
    • mongoloids-more intelligent and less crime
  22. what is ugenics?
    well born
  23. explain psychological racial crimes:
    • fustration with you life leads to aggresion
    • ex fustration-agression theory
  24. explain normative explanation for racial crimes:
    • prejudice and dicrimination passed on from generation to the other
    • prejudice and discrimiantion socialized into children
  25. explain normative theory I
    • functionalist
    • prejudice is result of group socialization and whoever is exposed to it will show discrimination
    • various situations determine how people interpret norms
  26. explain normative theory II (robert merton)
    • discrimination occur before prjudice or stereotypes created
    • most people cant attain success so blame others (discriminate) b/c they dont like taking responsibility for it
  27. explain who john porter is and the vertical mosaic:
    • well known canadian sociologist
    • vertical mosaic is society which ethnic groups havedifferent and unequal positions in stratification system
    • identified charter and netrance groups
  28. distiguish between charter and entrance groups:
    • charter groups: take control and decide what other groups will be let inand what they can do
    • in canada this includes english and french which take up top position
    • entrance groups: culturally and racially inferior to charter group and were placed in lower level
    • this grouo had limited chance for upward mobility
  29. explain satzewich take on what merton said and a conflict approach
    • hard to become wealthy in capitalist societ b/c of prejudice and discrimination
    • immigrants blamed for situation of proletariat. result was :
    • chinese head taxes
    • exclusionary rules
    • systemic discrimination: visible minority wages
  30. according to Edna Bonaich's split market theory, what were three groups in society?
    • bussiness/capitalists
    • highly paid (white) labour
    • Lower paid (non white) labour
    • bussiness class benefit from working class fighting
    • racism caused by capitalism
  31. who said that we should examine the career of race?
    Lucius outlaw
  32. who do what do post modernists believe?
    we constructed a reality that doesnt exist
  33. what is an objective approach to ethinicity?
    ethnic groups exist because of people social attachment
  34. whta is a subjective approach to ethnicity?
    focus on process of ethnic identification
  35. what is the primordalist thesis?
    people associate with others who are similar in terms of language. culture, beliefs, and appearance
  36. what are exclusionary practices?
    practices that deny labours to cheaper, more expliotable labour
  37. what does the split market theory suggest?
    racial and ethnic conflict is rooted in difference in price of labour
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