Crim. Ch 10

  1. Crimes against public order do what?
    Disturb or invade society's peace and tranquility.
  2. A Form of disorderly conduct that is often descrived as unlawful public fighting to the terror of the people.
  3. The gathering of three or more persons for the purpose of committing an unlawful act.
    An unlawful assembly
  4. A rout occurs when an _______ makes an attempt to advance toward the commission of an act that would be a riot.
    Unlawful assembly
  5. ______ statutes were struck down by the courts for being too vague or attempting to punish a status rather than an activity.
  6. Crimes against the adminstration of government include:
  7. Espionage?
    Spying and reporting information to another country.
  8. Perjury
    The willful giving of false testimony under oath in a judicial proceeding.

    Must lie on a material fact
  9. When an offender is found in ______ contempt of court, the judge may punish him or her summarily.
  10. Resisting Arrest?
    The crime of obstructing or opposing a peace officer who is making an arrest.
  11. Bribery?
    • The offense of giving or receiving a gift or reward intended to influence a person in the exercise of a judicial or public duty.
    • Both the person accepting and giving the bribe are guilty.
  12. OWI?
    Given if your blood alcohol level is higher than the legal limit even if it does not impair your abilities.
  13. Lynching is the illegal hanging of a criminal
  14. Obstruction of justice?
    • Can be threatening a witness with harm so they do not testify.
    • Most common form is resisting arrest
  15. Escape?
    Includes leaving custody without permission and failure to return if on tempoary leave.
  16. Public order crimes include?
    • Crimes against public order
    • Crimes against justice and the administration of government
    • crimes against public decency and morality
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