10/31/11 (MA) Medical Terminology - Pg. 322

  1. acute renal failure
    is a condition that results from lack of blood flow to the kidneys.
  2. anuria
    is absence of urine formation.
  3. benign
    means noncancerous.
  4. bilateral
    means pertaining to two sides.
  5. cholelithiasis
    refers to formation of gallstones.
  6. cystocole
    is herniation of the urinary bladder.
  7. diuretics
    are drugs that stimulate flow of urine.
  8. edema
    means swelling (of body tissues).
  9. hematuria
    refers to presence of blood cells in urine.
  10. IVP
    is an x-ray film of the kidneys after injection of dye.
  11. malignant
    means tending or threatening to produce death; refers to cancerous growth.
  12. nephrolithotomy
    is an incision into a kidney to remove a stone
  13. nephrons
    are microscopic filtering units in the kidney that are responsible for keeping body fluids in balance.
  14. nephroptosis
    is downward displacement of a kidney.
  15. nocturia
    means excessive urinination at night.
  16. oliguria
    is diminished amount of urine formation.
  17. polyuria
    means excessive discharge of urine.
  18. renal pelvis
    is a funnel-shaped reservoir that is the basin of the kidney.
  19. ureteropyeloplasty
    is surgical repair of a uterer and renal pelvis.
  20. urinary incontinence
    refers to inability to hold urine.
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10/31/11 (MA) Medical Terminology - Pg. 322
10/31/11 (MA) Medical Terminology - Pg. 322