World Cultures II

  1. Caste System
    rigid class structure
  2. Brahma
    the world spirit, central figure in Hindu religion
  3. polythestic
    belief in more than one god
  4. vedas
    hindu holy books
  5. Upanishads
    one book of the veedas; covers fundamental/major components
  6. karma
    the actions of one life effect your placement in the next life
  7. reincarnation
    you can be born again in another form in another life
  8. moksha
    ending the cycle of rebirthe; achieving one w/ bramha
  9. indra
    hindu god; popular in the ancient world; rain thuder and lightening
  10. siddhartha gautama
    the Buddah (enlightened one)
  11. nirvana
    achieving enlightenment; directly translates to enlightenment
  12. Eightfold Path
    the Buddhists steps toward nirvana (right: speech, thought, and action)
  13. Zen
    a form of buddhism in Japan
  14. Lao Tzu
    founder of taoism
  15. Tao Te Ching
    The book of Taoism; Translates to: "the way"
  16. Confucius
    A Chinese philospher that believed in strict rules and order were essential
  17. Analects
    A collection of Confuciuses teachings
  18. Yahweh
    personal name of a god in the bible "god"
  19. Old Testament
    tenex or mizoric text: Jews Christians and Muslaims use it
  20. Genesis
    the first book of the old testament; includes creation stories: adam and eve, exidous
  21. Moses
    important propphet to Jews Chrisians and Muslaims; 1 of 7 biblical personalities
  22. Abraham
    patriarch of the jews
  23. Ishmael
    The son of Abraham, forefather of arrabs
  24. Isaac
    son of Aberham; forefather of jewish
  25. Hagar
    Mother of Ishmael
  26. Muhammad
    the founder of Islam; born in Mecca
  27. Baghdad
    center of Islamic learning
  28. Mecca
    holiest city in Islam
  29. Medina
    translates to "place of prophet"
  30. Hajj
    pilgramage to Mecca; 5th pilar of Islam
  31. Caliph
    the spiritual and political leader of Islam; Muslim rule
  32. Mosque
    house of prayer for muslim
  33. Imam
    muslim clerical priest
  34. Ayatollah
    Sheiit holy man
  35. Abu Bakr
    the first succesor to Muhammed
  36. Angel Gabriel
    God's messanger who appeared to muhammad
  37. Jihad
    to defend Islam
  38. Battle of Tours
    a defeat of muslim forces in France; European lost all be musliam
  39. Jerusalem
    holiest city for Christians, Muslaims, and Jews
  40. Bedouin
    Desert nomad who travels fro oasis to oasis
  41. Oasis
    Fertile patch in the desert
  42. Mughal*
    indian islamic kingdomsk
  43. Hijrah*
    the story of muhammad leaving Mecca
  44. ka'bah
    a black cube; center of pilgramage to mecca
  45. Five pillars of islam
    imported principals of islam
  46. Bias
    to favor one side over the other
  47. precedent
    a model for future action
  48. Secular
    Government authority
  49. Temporal
    spiritual authority: Ex priest has " " authority
  50. Suleiman the Magnificent
    a muslim caliph who invaded vienna
  51. Ganesh
    God of sucess in Hindu
  52. Cyprus the great
    zorastrain; freed the Jews from Babylon
  53. Ahura Mazda
    Zorastrain god
  54. Ahriman
    a common name for zorostrain devil
  55. persid
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