1. Started popular sovereignty
    Lewis Cass
  2. Whigs elect in 1848
    Zachary Taylor
  3. Immortal trio
    Henry Clay, John Calhoun, Daniel Webster
  4. Clay nickname
    Great pacificator
  5. Calhoun nickname
    Great nullifier
  6. God's moral law is higher than the constitutions
    William H. Seward
  7. Took over Tyler
    Millard Fillmore
  8. Won election of 1852
    Franklin Pierce (Dem)
  9. President of Nicaragua
    William Walker (1856)
  10. Treaty that stopped Americans and British from monopolizing isthmian waterway
    Clayton-Bulwer Treaty
  11. Ship seized by Spanish
    Black Warrior
  12. Foiled plan to take over Cuba
    Ostend Manifesto
  13. Bought area for transcontinental railroad
    Davis amd Gadsden
  14. Proposed Nebraska-Kansas act
    Stephen Douglas
  15. Book on horror's of slavery
    Uncle Tom's Cabin (Stowe)
  16. Book on how non-slaveholding whites suffer
    Impeding Crisis of the South (Helper) 1857
  17. Helped people go to Kansas
    New England Emmigrant Aid Company
  18. Slave backed government at
    Shawnee (corrupt)
  19. Abolition backed government
  20. Town burned by pro-slave whites
  21. 5 men hacked to death
    Pottawatomie Creek
  22. Kansas document which wa unfair and only one section voted for
    Lecompton Resolution
  23. Divided democrats w/ this resolution
    Buchanan, Lecompton
  24. Made a speech about and was beat up by
    Sumner, Butler, Brooks
  25. First republican candidate
    John C. Fr�mont
  26. This party was created out of the election of 1856 and chose thi person a its candidate
    Know-Nothing, Pres. Fillmore
  27. Forbade congress from taking away property
    5th Ammendment
  28. Lowered tariffs
    Tariffs of 1857
  29. No matter what the supreme court ruled, the people are in power
    Freeport Doctrine
  30. Alternative camdidate chosen by Dems
  31. New party and its cadidate in election of 1860
    Constitutional Union Party, John Bell
  32. Appeasements to the South after
    Crittenden ammendments
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