1. Individuals in what age group seek orthodontic care?
    • adolelescents
    • teenagers
    • adults
    • any age
  2. What could be a genetic cause for malocclusion?
    parent with a small jaw
  3. What is the term used for abnormal occlusion?
  4. What tooth is used to determine a person's occlusion?
    maxillary first molar
  5. If a person's tooth is not properly aligned with its opposing tooth, the malalignment is reffered to as
  6. If a person occludes and you cannot see his or her mandibular anterior teeth, the diagnosis is
  7. What views will the orthodontist use to evaluate facial symmetry?
    • frontal view
    • profile view
  8. What type of radiograph is most commonly exposed in orthodontics?
  9. How many photographs are commonly taken in the diagnostic records appointment?
  10. What gypsum material is most commonly used for fabricating orthodontic diagnostic models?
  11. What instrument is part of the setup for seating and cementing a molar band?
    bite stick
  12. the orthodontic scaler is used for?
    Removing excess cement or bonding material
  13. Another name for #110 pliers is
    Howe pliers
  14. To ease the placement of orthodontics bands, what procedure is completed to open the contact between teeth?
    placement of a separator
  15. When cementing bands, what can be used to prevent cement from getting into the buccal tubes or attachments?
    • lip balm
    • utility wax
  16. How are brackets adhere toa tooth?
    bonding agent
  17. Where are auxiliary attachments found on braces?
    • brackets
    • bands
  18. What shape of arch wire is indicated for correcting malalignment of teeth?
    round wire
  19. How would an arch wire be sized for a patient without placing it into the patients mouth?
    • study model
    • used arch wire
  20. Besides ligature ties, what can be used to hold and arch wire in place?
    elastomeric ties
  21. What appliance might the orthodontist use to maintain growth and/or tooth movement?
    • space maintainer
    • retainer
    • headgear
  22. How could hard foods possibly harm a person's braces?
    • They can bend a wire
    • They can loosen a bracket
    • They can pull off a band
  23. How can a patient with braces make flossing easier?
    use a floss threader
  24. When brace come off, does that mean treatment is over?
    • no...
    • Retention is necessary!!!
  25. An example of a retention appliance is the
    • Hawley retainer
    • positioner
    • lingual retainer
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