ITIL Summary

  1. Briefly describe the Service Lifecycle
    Service Lifecycle is an organization model providing insight into the way service is structed, the way rhe various lifecycles components are linked to another and the impact changes in one component will have on another
  2. Describe the structure, scope, components and interfaces of theď‚· ITIL® LibraryThe ITIL library
    the ITIL library is the five phases of the library
  3. Account for the main goals and objectives of Service Strategy
    • The goal of service strategy is to develop the capactiy to acheive and maintain a stratgic advantage. The associated objectives are:
    • defining strategic objectives
    • determing the direction for growth opportunities
    • setting investment priorities
    • defining outcomes, learning ABOUT EFFECTIVNESS
    • CREATING strategic assets
    • identifying the competition
    • surpassing the competition by delivering distincitve performance
    • devising plans that will ensure dominance over the competition
  4. Account for the main goals and objectives of Service Design
    • The design of new or modified services for introduction into a production environment
    • Objectives:
    • contribute to the business objectives
    • where possible, to contribute to saving time and money
    • to minimize of prevent risks
    • to contribute to satisfying the current and future market needs
    • to asses and improve effectivness and efficiency of IT services
    • to supportthe development of policies and standards regarding IT services
    • to contribute to the qulaity of IT services
  5. Briefly explain what value Service Design provides to the business
    • lower TCO
    • improved quality of service delivery
    • improved conmsistency of service
    • simpler implementaiton of services
    • improved syncronization of services with the needs of the business
    • improved effectivness of performances
    • improved IT administration
    • more effective service management and IT processes
    • more simplified decision - making
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