aircrew unit 1 URE

  1. 1. (001) What category does the 1 in the 1AXXX enlisted aircrew specialty code identify?
    a. Skill level.
    b. Career group.
    c. Specific career field.
    d. Operations category.
  2. 2. (001) How does the Air Force benefit from identifying similarities across all enlisted aircrew careerfields?
    a. It only benefits on time savings.
    b. It only benefits on dollar savings.
    c. It can emphasize these items over career field specific items.
    d. It can develop a specialty training standard for all enlisted aircrew members.
  3. 3. (002) When would the flight engineer be responsible for weight and balance of the aircraft?
    a. When he’s qualified.
    b. When directed by the aircraft commander.
    c. When there is no loadmaster or boom operator onboard.
    d. When there are two flight engineers assigned to a mission.
  4. 4. (002) What aircraft loadmaster qualification includes preflighting of aircraft drop equipment andinspecting equipment parachutes, aerial delivery containers, and the rigging on cargo platforms?
    a. Airdrop.
    b. Paratrooper.
    c. Jumpmaster.
    d. Troop deployment
  5. 5. (002) Since airborne mission system specialists inspect, maintain, operate, and repair airbornecomputer equipment, including processing, display, testing, and ancillary systems, what are theyconsidered to be?
    a. Hardware maintenance.
    b. Professional troubleshooters.
    c. Computer repair professionals.
    d. Computer display maintenance technicians
  6. 6. (002) What does the aerial gunner place special emphasis on when performing all pre-strikerequirements?
    a. The target.
    b. Weapon limitations.
    c. Weapon accountability.
    d. Malfunction analysis and repair.
  7. 7. (003) What office works closely with the scheduling and squadron standardization and evaluationoffices?
    a. Flight safety.
    b. Element leaders.
    c. Aircrew training.
    d. Flight superintendent.
  8. 8. (003) Who is responsible for the daily management of all individuals assigned under them?
    a. Flight safety.
    b. Element leaders.
    c. Aircrew training.
    d. Flight superintendents.
  9. 9. (004) What is Air Mobility Command’s centralized command and control center for planning andexecution of the Global Reach mission?
    a. Center of Excellence.
    b. MAJCOM functional office.
    c. Special Air Missions Center.
    d. Tanker Airlift Control Center
  10. 10. (004) Why is it recommended that you, as an aircrew member, take positions of leadership,volunteer for various assignments, and get experience on multiple aircraft?
    a. To get promoted faster.
    b. To handle more responsibilities.
    c. To get an assignment location you want.
    d. To help build your foundation as an aircrew member.
  11. 11. (005) Who does the commander of the United States Central Command report directly to?
    a. Secretary of Defense.
    b. Secretary of the Air Force.
    c. President of the United States.
    d. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  12. 12. (005) What organization does United States European Command receive support from inenhancing transatlantic security?
    a. United Nations.
    b. Pacific Airlift Command.
    c. North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
    d. Combined Forces Command Korea
  13. 13. (005) The Department of Defense appointed United States Joint Forces Command to enhance theunified commanders’ capabilities to implement what plan?
    a. Total Force.
    b. European Union Plan.
    c. Unified Command Plan.
    d. Allied Command Europe.
  14. 14. (005) What is one of the areas of United States Pacific Command’s mission?
    a. Delegate global security authority.
    b. Reduce regional security cooperation.
    c. Advance regional security cooperation.
    d. Develop understanding of the Asian culture.
  15. 15. (005) What is United States Special Operations Command in high gear to plan, direct, andexecute?
    a. Total Force.
    b. Global Attack.
    c. Special Airlift Missions.
    d. The Global War on Terror.
  16. 16. (005) What is United States Transportation Command’s number one priority?
    a. Always providing the best customer service.
    b. Keeping the Air Force’s vehicles serviceable and ready.
    c. Ensuring funding is available for global transportation requirements.
    d. Responding to the needs of the Department of Defense’s warfighting commanders.
  17. 17. (006) Who is the United States joined with in the North American Aerospace Defense Command?
    a. Alaska.
    b. Canada..
    c. Mexico.
    d. Canada and Mexico.
  18. 18. (007) When did the Air National Guard begin playing significant roles in all of America’s warsand most of its major contingencies?
    a. Beginning of the 19th century.
    b. Beginning of the 20th century.
    c. Mid 19th century.
    d. Mid 20th century.
  19. 19. (008) In addition to United States Strategic Command, what command does Air CombatCommand provide forces to?
    a. Pacific Air Forces.
    b. Air Force Materiel Command.
    c. United States Atlantic Command.
    d. Air Education and Training Command.
  20. 20. (008) What is Air Force Materiel Command’s vision for providing war-winning capabilities?
    a. Shelf-ready.
    b. Bulk production.
    c. Rigorous testing.
    d. On time and on cost.
  21. 21. (008) What type of forces does Air Force Special Operations Command organize, train, andequip?
    a. Civil.
    b. Security.
    c. International.
    d. Special Operations.
  22. 22. (008) How long ago did Air Force Space Command’s “silent sentinels” begin their continuous,around-the-clock alert?
    a. 1947.
    b. 1959.
    c. 1972.
    d. 1991.
  23. 23. (008) In addition to working with our Asia-Pacific partners to ensure peace, what other goal doesPacific Air Command share with the Asia-Pacific partners?
    a. Ending drug abuse.
    b. Advancing freedom.
    c. Preventing natural disasters.
    d. Expanding transportation routes.
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