Company Officer

  1. Baltimore County Fire Department
  2. Company Officer
    The role of the First level supervisor (Company Officer) is that of ______/__________?
    Player / Coach
  3. Company Officer
    The Company Officer is the vital link between The Fire Company and the _________________?
    Rest of the Organization
  4. Company Officer
    One of your most important responsibilities as a fire officer is the _______________?
    Health and Safety of you, subordinates, and others
  5. Company Officer
    ______________ can reduce the number of inital decisions made at a major incident and can reduce time for needed resources on scene.
    Pre-Incident planning
  6. Company Officer
    ____________refers to a functional division of the lowest level of local government, such as a city or township.
  7. Company Officer
    Municipalities are the most common jurisdiction for fire departments. True or False
  8. Company Officer
    Fire Departments at the broadest level can be classified as _____ or _____??
    Public or Private
  9. Company Officer
    _____________ refers to the authority that gives an agency the legal right to provide services and take action necessary to provide adequate protection . It also refers to ________.
    Jurisdiction, Area served
  10. Company Officer
    The size of a Public Fire Department depends primarily on the _______,_________ and _________??
    Population, Area of municipality served and special fire protection requirements ( Heavy Industry, Haz Mat)
  11. Company Officer
    Public Safety Departments, sometimes called__________ typically service under one department head for Fire/Police within the jurisdiction.
    Fire Bureaus
  12. Caompany Officer
    The second tier in local government is normally the _____, _________ or _______??
    County, Parrish, or Borough
  13. Company Officer
    ___________ may be formed as a portion of a county or may overlap county lines to serve a shared special need such as ______?
    Fire Districts, Large Plants
  14. Comapny Officer
    Name the 2 major types of Private Fire Departments??
    • Military/Industrial
    • Business that owns fire equipment and hire Firefighters through Government contracts
  15. Company Officer
    The smallest category of fire protection services is the __________??
    Private Non profit fire department
  16. Company Officer
    ________ perform their normal Police patrol duties until a fire is reported.
    Public Safety Officers
  17. Company Officer
    A primary consideration for most departmens is _______ limitations.
  18. Company Officer
    _________ the two common techniques for extending the department budget is ______ and ______.
    • Agreements with other agencies (aid)
    • Fund only the minimum # and types of resources needed to deal with the most common emergency in jurisdiction.
  19. Company Officer
    _______ is a formal writen agreement btween Fire Departments that share a common boundry.
    Automatic Aid
  20. Company Officer
    ___________ is a recirical agreement between two or more Fire Department.
    Mutual Aid
  21. Company Officer
    Responses under a mutal aid agreement are ussuallt on an _________ Basis.
    On request
  22. Company Officer
    ________ may be asked to assis in the development / maintenance of mutual aid plans.
    Company Officers
  23. Company Officer
    Mutual aid plans should undergo ________ review to ensure they remain current and up-to-date.
  24. Company Officer
    _______ is when payments rather than reciprical aid, is made by one agency to the other.
    Outside Aid
  25. Company Officer
    ______ is the principle in which workers report tto only one supervisor in order to eliminate conflicting orders and confusion.
    Unity of Command
  26. Company Officer
    _______ is the pathway of responsibility from the top to the bottom and vise-versa.
    Chain of Command
  27. Company Officer
    __ is the number of subordinates that one individual can effectively supervise.
    Span of Control
  28. Company Officer
    __ is when subordinates are assigned by their supervisor to perform duties that fall under another supervisor.
    Functional Supervision
  29. Company Officer
    What are 5 variables that effect the span of conrtol?
    • Ability/experiance of the creww
    • Ability /Experiance of the supervisor
    • Nature of the task
    • Proximity of crew to supervisor
    • Consiquences of a mistake
  30. Comapny Officer
    __________ is the breaking down of assignments in order to equalize the work load and increase efficiency.
    DIvision of Labor
  31. Company Officer
    ______ means setting the limits or Boundries for expected performance and enforcing them.
  32. Company Officer
    ________ is the "chain of authority", or "Having an uninterrupted seris of steps"
  33. Company Officer
    ___ Personnel are those who deliver emergency services and _____ Personnel are those who support the efforts of the line personnel.
    • Line
    • Staff
  34. Company Officer
    ________ refers to the legal ability of an individual to make/impliment decisions for which they are held accountable.
  35. Company officer
    Name the two types of authority and explain the diference.
    Centalized - decisions are made by one person. Works well in very small orginization or at Company level

    Decentralized - Allows decisions to be made at the lowest level aith the effects of the decisions repored thoughout. Works well in Large Fire Departments. (Basically delegation)
  36. Company Officer
    In ___ the US Government wavied its immunity from liability in tort cases.
  37. Company Officer
    ________ is the organizational theory which dictates that each member should report to only one supervisor.
    Unity of command
  38. Company Officer
    The doctrine of ______ had the effect of holdong and Fedral/state/or local government immune from liability in tort cases.
    Sovereign Immunity
  39. Company Officer
    When a state loses its immunity, its _____ loses theirs as well.
    Local Jurisdications
  40. Company Officer
    Emergency Responders are usually immune from liability, as long as they act ______________.
    In thier scope of Authority
  41. Company Officer
    When a member commits an act or job that is so much at variance with thier training and department policy. It constitutes ____________.
    Gross Negligence
  42. Company Officer
    __________ is that which is not enacted by a legislative body and based on tradition, customs, religious beliefs, etc..
    Common Law
  43. Company Officer
    Rules and Regulations adopted by Government agencies to impliment, which they are changhed to enforce. Defines ______ law.
  44. Company Officer___ laws are enacted by congress/parliment, state/provincial legislatures which must be consistent with the respective federal constuitution.
  45. Company Officer
    ___________ law is proglumated by legislative action.
  46. Company Officer'
    __________ law is the result of court decisions.
    Case Law
  47. Company Officer
    The ________ Branch creates laws, the ______ branch implements and administersa them, and the ___ branch enforces them.
    • Legislature
    • Executive
    • Judicial
  48. Company Officer
    _____ law deals with the rights/responsibilies of the indiviuals toward society.
  49. Company officr
    ________ law deals primarily with private rights and responsibilities.
  50. Company Officer
    One principle which applies in all criminal cases is, an employee ______________
    cannot be required by his/her employer to commit a crime
  51. Company Officer
    The basis for all civil law is that anyone, including convicts, has the right ___________
    to sue anyone else.
  52. Company Officer
    Tort is defined as?
    A civil wrong or injury
  53. Company Officer
    ______ is the failure to exercise the same care a reasonable and careful persn would under the same similar circumstances.
  54. Company Officer
    Name/describe the two ways pne can be judged negligent.
    • Misfeasance - wrongful performance
    • Nonfeasence- ommision of performance when an act should have been performed and was not.
  55. Company officer
    What doctrine holds that Emergency responders know the risk involved are trainned to deal with the risk, therefore, are not entitled to redress from the property owner.
    "Fireman's Rule"
  56. Company Officer
    The ______ was created to eliminate discrimination on the basis of race, gender....
    Civil Rights Act of 1964
  57. Company Officer
    To enforced these and other antidiscriminatory laws the act created the
  58. Company officer
    The E.E.O.C. was charged with protecting the rights of all workers. especially those in what were called ___________.
    Protected Classes
  59. Company Officer
    What program was intended to increase the number of women/minorities hired into jobs that were occupied by white males exclusively.
    Affirmative Action
  60. Comapny Officerr
    ________ treatment means treating an applicant or employee differently then those of another race, gender, or religion.
  61. Company officer
    ________ is the type of discrimination that occurs when an employer uses a test/screening process that is not intended, but that adversely affects members of a protected class.
    Adverse Impact
  62. Company Officer______ was intended to ruduce/eliminate discrimination against disabled persons.
    ADA of 1990
  63. Company Officer
    What 3 business/group does the ADA not apply to???
    • The Federal Government
    • Native American Tribes
    • Private Clubs
  64. Company Officer
    ADA consists of what 2 categories?
    • Public Accomodations
    • Employment
  65. Company Officer
    Employment Regulations by the ADA only apply to orginizations with ___ or more full time employees.
  66. Company Offcicer
    Company Officers may become invovled in the Employment catogory of ADA in what two ways??
    • Redisigning the work environment for ADA accomodations.
    • Employment Interview Process
  67. Company Officer
    The _____ guaranteed that workers in the private sector would be paid overtime if they worked over 40 hours a week.
    Fair Labor Standard Act
  68. Company Officer
    The FLSA applies to all carreer departments with __ or more employees.
  69. Company Officer
    The FLSA workweek for Police is ____ and for Firefighters is _____.
    43, 54
  70. Company Officer
    A _______ is two or more persons who interact with regard to common gaols.
  71. Company Officer
    ________ usually define common goals in writing while _______ define common goals informally, such as a friendship.
    • Formal Groups
    • Informal Groups
  72. Company Officer
    _______ form within All formal groups.
    Informal Sub-groups
  73. Company Officer
    A study of ____ involves recognizing internal/external pressures that affect these basic elements and learning to deal with them.
    Group Dynamics
  74. Company Officer
    A postive self-image is also called a ______
    Espirit de corps
  75. Company Officer
    By disturbing a member's _____, the group can be fragmented and mmebers may begin to think or act more independantly.
    Sense of Continuity
  76. Company Officer
    _____ are a part of the cohesive structure of most groups.
    Common Values
  77. Company Officer
    It is called ______ when Officers/firefighters alike are guided in performing their duties by what others expect of them.
    Role Expectations
  78. Company Officer
    The most detrimental thimg a Company Officer can do is __from the informal group.
    Distance himself
  79. Company Officer
    Informal rules can be much stronger/persuasive then formal rules.
  80. Company Officer
    There is a ___ effect within the group that produces a total that is greater than the sum of its parts.
  81. Company Officer
    Name the Maslows Heirarchy of needs.
    Survival, Safety,Affiliation,Esteem, Self-Actualization
  82. Company Officer
    Satifying the needs is a _____ and ____ process.
    Sequential and progressive
  83. Company Officer
    What need involves ego fullfillment thru individual pro. Achievment, recognition and respect of ones peers.
  84. Company Officer
    What need involves the basic physiological needs, water, shelter, food, and air.
  85. Company Officer
    What need involves insulating people from things that may threaten their survival?
  86. Company Officer
    What need involves the forming of relationships with others?
  87. Company Officer
    _______ can be promoted by sharing the workload and functioning as a team in every station activity?
  88. Company Officer
    Victor Vroom developed a theory of motovation called ______ which stands for _______, _______ and ________.
    • V - Valence/Value
    • I - Instrumentality
    • E - Expectancy
    • * also called Valence Theory
  89. Company Officer
    The availability of a means to achieve a gaol falls under what in V. I. E.
  90. Company Officer

    The strenght of an iondividuals desire to achieve a goal falls under what in V.I.E.
  91. Company Officer
    The strength of that individuals belief that he can achieve a goal falls under what in V.I.E.
  92. Company Officer
    A _______ is anything, positive or negative that acknowledges a persons existance?
  93. Company Officer
    All stokes are converted into _______ memories of a significant emotional event
  94. Psychologists call this ____
    Stamp Collecting
  95. Company Officer
    _______ power is one person's perception of another's ability to grant rewards.
    Reward Power
  96. Company Officer
    _______ power is derived from someone's desire to identify with and emulate another
    Identification Power
  97. Company Officer
    _________ Power is derived from one of the three sources: shared values, acceptance of a social structure, or the sanctioning od a legitimzing agent.
    Legitimate power
  98. Company Officer
    _______ power is the subordinates perception of the supervisors authority to punish.
    Coercive power
  99. Company Officer
    _______ power is based on one persons perception that another s knowledge and expertise can help him in his endeavors
    Expert power
  100. Company Officer
    The Theory ___ Leaders believe workers are lazy, they have no ambition, and dislike work.
    Theory X Leaders
  101. The Theory ___ Leader belives workers will perform adequately with self-direction, self-control. With proper leadership workers will excel.
    Theory Y
  102. Company Officer
    The theory ___ Leader believes workers are key to more productivity. Workers can work w/o supervision. The participative approach to decision making management style that focuses on the people.
    Theory Z
  103. Company Officer
    _______ leadership involves a high degree of concern for people and production.
    Dual-issue leadership
  104. Company Officer
    ______ leadership is characterized by an overriding concern for either production or worker needs.
    Single-issue leadership
  105. Company Officer
    _______leadership involves a low concern for people and a low concern for production
    Bureaucratic leadership
  106. _____ leadership involves a moderate concern fro people and production.
    Middle of the road leadership
  107. Company Officer
    _________ invests in all power and authority in the leaders. ie: military
  108. Company Officer
    A Employee centered participative leadership style is?
  109. Company Officer
    A hands off approach by the leaders is known as???
  110. Company Officer
    The primary role of the Company Officer is ____
  111. Company Officer
    The scientific theory of Management is closely related to which theory of leadership.
    Theory X
  112. Company Officer
    Workers are only motivated by potential rewards and w/o constant/close supervision they will avoid work when possible describes?
    • The Scientific theory of management
    • Taylors solution : the Assembly line
  113. Company Officer
    The _____ theory was based on the belief that happy workers are productive workers
    Human Relations
  114. _________ is the act of watching over the work of others.
  115. Company Officer
    How does X/Y apply to Company Officers
    They must be able to shift from one theory/style to another as situations dictates.
  116. The theory which finds hat giving workers more pay/benifits is only a temp. fix, and things that create /sustain workers satisfaction are inherent in the work is known as?
    The Hygiene Theory
  117. Which theory is based on the proposition that if workers could see "The Big Picture" they could understand how their individual roles fit into the overall plan?
    Management by Objective
  118. What leadership theory is based on appropriate behaviors falling at different points along this continum. Based on the 3 variables: leader, subordinate, and situation?
    Leadership Continuum
  119. Modern management is a very participative and therefore democratic style of leadership. Examples of Modern Management are?
    Theory Z and TQM
  120. Name 4 elements of TQM?
    • *Customer Identification/feedback
    • *Tracking performance
    • *Constant or continuous improvement
    • *Employee participation
  121. What did Theory Z became to be known as?
    Quality Circles
  122. ___________ are small groups of employees, usually 5 to 15 members, who were drawn from all op. units of the plant
    Quality circles
  123. ________ are rightly knit work groups w/ a common misson, who are trained to perform the tasks of supervisors or mid-level managers.
    Self -directed work teams
  124. The ______ must communicate the organizational goals downward to the company members and identify community concerns and opportunities upward to the _______.
    • *Company Officer
    • *Administration
  125. Supervisory skills include?
    • *Motivation,
    • *Delegation,
    • *Communication,
    • *Training,
    • *Resource management,
    • *Time management,
    • *Discipline,
    • *Decision Making
  126. In what 2 ways does delegation help the Company Officer?
    • *Frees up time to work on other tasks
    • * Develops their Firefighters
  127. A ________ includes an achievable gaol statement and measurable oblective that can also serve as checkpoints to track progress towards a stated goal.
    Action Plan
  128. Name 5 elements of the decision making model?
    • * Define Problems
    • * Identify alternative solutions
    • * Evaluate
    • * Implement
    • *Monitor
  129. The most important skill required for effective communication is ___________.
  130. In every attempt to communication there are always 2 elements ______ and ________?
    Facts and Feelings
  131. The Standard for company officer training by the Insurance Services office is ____ hours per month , therefore, each company should devote ___ hours a shift to training?
    20 hours, 2 hours
  132. The most important resource in any organization are its _______ resources.
  133. The primary time management tool available to company officers is planning and an important part of planning is_______.
  134. One way to prioritize assignments is to _____________.
    • Visualize a Target.
    • "Must do" is the bulls eye
    • "Should do" is the middle ring
    • "May do" is the outer most ring
  135. The guy with the big head and I make him laugh is________?
    • Mike Deluca
    • Thought you would like this one
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