Path E2

  1. G- Bacteria that causes eye dz’s in cattle:
    Moraxella bovis
  2. In cattle, Moraxella bovis causes:
    • Conjunctivitis/Infectious Opthalmia
    • Ulcerative Keratitis
  3. Accumulation of white/pink floccular sed. In the anterior chamber=
  4. Major Iridiocyclitis lesions (3):
    • Aqueous Flare
    • Hypopyon
    • Keratitis Punctata
    • (anterior uveitis=iridiocyclitis)
  5. What is retinal detachment?
    Separation of the Neurosensory Retina from the RPE (Retinal Pigment Epithelium)
  6. Lesions seen in glaucoma (4):
    • Spherical MORGAGNIAN globules from necrotic lens
    • Lens Hyperplasia
    • Degeneration & Liquefaction of lens
    • Ca Salt & Cholesterol Deposits
  7. What ear mites cause Otitis Externa in Cats? Dogs? Goats? Rabbits?
    • Cats: Otodectes
    • Dogs: Sarcoptes
    • Goats: Psoropties
    • Rabbits: Psoroptes
  8. What fungi causes Otitis Externa?
    Malassezia pachydermatis (Pityrosporum canis)
  9. Common secondary infection caused by cat flu? Why?
    • Otitis Media
    • URI -> Nasopharynx
  10. Aminoglycoside toxicity can cause:
    Cochlear deafness
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