latin quotes, phrases, mottoes, and abreviations

  1. Festina Lente
    • Make Haste, Slowly
    • (favorite saying of emperor agustus)
  2. Veni, Vidi, Vici
    • I Came, I Saw, I Conquered
    • (said by julius caesar after the battle of Zela)
  3. Ab Urbe Condita (a.u.c)
    • From The Founding Of The City
    • (used by livy as a title for his history of rome from its founding in 753 BC)
  4. Ab Ovo Usque Ad Mala
    • From The Egg All The Way To The Apple
    • (meaning "from the beginning to the end," specifically of a meal)
  5. Alea Iacta Est
    • The Die Is Cast
    • (said by julius caesar when he crossed the rubicon, starting the civil war with pompwy th great. it ment there was no turning back)
  6. SPQR (Senatus Populusque Romanus)
    • The Senate And The Roman People
    • (found of sewer covers, arches, and the Standard- pole carried in battle)
  7. Carthago Delenda Est
    • Carthage Must Be Destroyed
    • (said by cato the censor at the end of all his speeches, before the third punic war)
  8. Semper Paratus
    • Always Prepared
    • (motto of the US coast gaurd)
  9. Semper Fideles
    • Always Faithful
    • (motto of the US Marines)
  10. Vae Victis
    • Woe To The Vanquished
    • (said by gallic chieftsin Brennus when the guals sacked rome in 390 BC)
  11. Esse Quam Videri
    • To Be Rather Than To See
    • (motto of north carolina)
  12. Dum Spiro, Spero
    • While I Breathe, I Hope
    • (motto of south carolina)
  13. Ad Astra Per Aspera
    • To The Stars Through Difficulty
    • (motto of kansas)
  14. M.O. (Modus Operandi)
    • Method Of Operating
    • (leagal term, refering to the particular criminal operates)
  15. Cum Grano Salis
    With A Grain Of Salt
  16. Tempus Fugit
    Time Flies
  17. Ad Nauseam
    To (The Point Of) Disgust
  18. Non Sequitur
    It Does Not Follow
  19. Deo Volente
    God Willing
  20. I.E (Id Est)
    That Is
  21. E.G (Exempli Gratia)
    For The Sake Of An Example
  22. Etc. (Et Cetera)
    And So Forth
  23. Ibid (Ibidem)
    In The Same Place
  24. Q.E.D. (Quod Erat Demonstrandum)
    Which Was To Be Proved
  25. Caveat Emptor
    Let The Buyer Beware
  26. Latina Vivit
    Latin Lives
  27. Cave Canem
    Beware Of The Dog
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