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  1. who was Hesi-Re?
    The earliest dentist whos name is known
  2. How long has the dental disease existed
    it always existed
  3. who is the father of medicine
  4. what is the hipocrate oath
    a solem obligation to refrain from wrongdoing and to traet p.t with confidentiality and to the best of ones ability
  5. who were the first to use silver amalgam as fillings?
    the chinese
  6. who distiguished molars and pre-molars
    Leonardo Da-Vinci
  7. father of modern surgery
    Ambroise Pare
  8. Father of modern Dentistry
    Pierrre Fuchard
  9. who was john bakers famouse p.t
    George washimgton
  10. who first used forsenic evidence
    paul revere
  11. who was rober woofendale?
    1st dentist to travel throghout the american colonies
  12. who found the first Dental school in america?
    Chappin and Harris
  13. Grand old man of dentistry?
    G.V Black
  14. first dentist to use nitrous oxide
    Horace wells
  15. who was the first dentist to use a dental assistant?
    C. Edmund kells
  16. who found dental hygine education in america?
    Alfred c fones.
  17. first women in the world to graduate from a dental school?
    Lucy B Hobbs
  18. First african american female dentist?
    Ida Gray Rollins
  19. where is the Dr. Samuel D. Harris National Muesum of Dentistry located?
  20. three essential asspects of a proffesional appearance?
    Good Health,Good grooming, approprate dress.
  21. phychologist that believed that human beings are intrisically good and friendly.
    Carl Rogers
  22. first basic need that a person requires in the maslow hierachy needs?
  23. when society influenses individuals
  24. comunacation that describes our body language.
  25. what % of spoken words do we never hear
  26. how can axiatey be comunicated.
    by facial expresions
  27. how can a p.t be phycologically influenced by other attitudes?
    negative or positve expirience
  28. are objective fear learned or aquired?
  29. how to calm an irate p.t
    eye contact,carefully listening,head knodding
  30. what is an important piece of equipment used for public relations?
  31. what is the ideal temp for reception area?
    72 F
  32. what type of flooring should be used for clinical area?
  33. P.T chair position most used
  34. in case of emergency what chair position should be used
  35. to operate the dental handpiece
  36. HVE
    High Volume Evacuator
  37. where to palce dental material to be triturated?
  38. what type of ntissue covers the oral cavity?
    mucouse membrane tissue
  39. two regions of the oral cavity?
    Vestibule and oral cavity
  40. anatomic term for gums
  41. unattached gingiva AKA?
    free gingiva & marginal gingiva
  42. pearshaped pad f tissue behind the max incisors
    insisive papilla
  43. hanging projection of tissue at the border of the soft palate
  44. thin fold of mucous membrane that extends from the floor of the mouth to the underside of the tounge
    Lingual freenum
  45. how many anterior teeth are in the primary dentition?
  46. permanent teeth that repalce primary teeth
    succedenous teeth
  47. the term for the cervical third of the lingual surface on an anterior teeth
  48. which teeth are the longest ones in the permanent dentitition
  49. which teeth are the sm,allest in the perm dentition
    mandibular centrals
  50. development horizontal lines
    imbrication lines
  51. what feature border s the occlusal table of the posteriors
    marginal ridge
  52. tooth frequently extracted when ortho is applied
    first premolars
  53. tooth with three roots
  54. tooth that does not replace a primary tooth
  55. what is the name of the first cusp on the max molars
  56. how many roots do mandibular molars have?
  57. how thick is the enamel covering on a primary tooth
    thin layer
  58. what method of idintification is used in the universal/national system for primary dentition
  60. which primary molar has a h shaped groove pattern on the occlusal surface?
    max first molar
  61. which primary mand molar is the largest
    2nd molar
  62. what are the two sets of teeth that ppl have in their lifetime?
    primarys and permanents
  63. corner stone of the dental arch
  64. triangular space toward the gingiva between adjacent teeth
  65. the third of the tooth nearest to the end of the root
    apical third
  66. teeth that are in poor occlusion
  67. class III maloclusion
  68. HIPPA
    health insurance portability and accountability asct of 1996
  69. Code of ethics
    voluntary standars of behavior established by a profesion
  70. veracity
  71. confidentiality
    never reavealing any personal information about p.t
  72. Juctice
    fair treatment of p.t
  73. ethics
    moral standard of conduct
  74. autonomy
    self determination
  75. nomalfience
    of no harm to p.t
  76. laws
    minimum standard of behavior established by statues for population or profesion
  77. beneficience
    of benefit to p.t
  78. term for voluntary standard of behavior established by a profesion?
    code of ethics
  79. first stem in solving an ethical dilema?
    identefy alternatives
  80. concerning ethics and law
    ethical standards are always of higher order than law
  81. ethical behavior is important to dental healthcare profesionals because they
    provide care to their p.ts
  82. principle of autonomy
    the right to privacy, freedom of choice and acceptance of responsibility for ones actions.
  83. concept of ethics
    ethics is subject to individual interpretation.
  84. ex: of principle of promotion of well being
    volunteering in dental health education programs.
  85. what concept is demontrated in the philosophy that all p.ts should recieve the same quality dental care?
  86. operatory
    treatment room
  87. dental unit
    provides attachments and controls for handpices and syringes
  88. operating light
    used to illuminate the oral cavity
  89. rheostat
    foot control
  90. view box
    used to illuminate xray films
  91. supine position
    lying down position in which the p.ts head,chest and knees are at the same position
  92. curing light
    wandlike attachment or unit that is used to harden dental material
  93. operator stool
    large seat and back with adjustuble lumbar suppport
  94. assistant stool
    has a foot platform and adjustuble abdominal support bar
  95. air compressor
    provides compressed air the handpiece and air water syringes
  96. traps
    catches debris drawn from the mouth
  97. self contained water system
    plastick container that is attached to unit that provide uncontaminated water supply
  98. ideal temp for clinical area of dental o0ffice
    68 to 70 F
  99. which dental office requires more security than other areas?
    administrative area
  100. when chair position is placed where head is lower than feet
    subsupine position
  101. the assistant should position the pts light at?
    the chest
  102. disposable traps should be chaneged?
  103. periodontal disease
    infections and othe conditions of the structures that suppost the teeth
  104. endodontics
    dentals speciality that diagnoses and treats the pulp of the tooth
  105. oral sugery
    spec. that diagnoses and treats conditions of the mouth,face,upper jaw, ans associated areas.
  106. oral pathalogy
    spec. that diagnoses and treats disease of the oral structures
  107. orthodontics
    spec. preventive intercepting and correcting skeletal and dental problems
  108. periodontics
    spec. diagnoses of and treatmnet of disese and supporting tissue
  109. prosthodontics
    provides restoration and replacement of natural teeth.
  110. dental public health
    oral health throgh organised comunitys
  111. profesional
    person who meets the standard of proffesion
  112. blood borne pathogen
    specific requirment necesary to prevent transmision of blood borne disease.
  113. team
    together everyone acomplishe more
  114. who is the founder of the ADAA
    juliet southhard
  115. DANB examination
    radiology,infection control,general chairside,
  116. who fabricates crowns ,bridges,and dentures as specefied by the dds written prescription
    certefied dental technician
  117. who is focused in payroll
    business assistant
  118. what type of assistant serves as an extra pair of hands where needed throghout the clinical areas of practice
    circulating assistant
  119. assistant and dds working chairside
    4 handed dentidtry
  120. space between 2 teeth
  121. CDC
  122. FDA
  123. ADA
  124. ADAA
  125. DANB
  126. amelosblasts
    cells that form enamel
  127. anatomic crown
    portion of the tooth that is coverd with enamel
  128. apex
    tappered end of each root
  129. apical foramen
    natural opening in the root
  130. cementoblasts
    cells that form cementum
  131. cementum
    calsified connective tissue that cover the anatomic crown
  132. clinical crown
    portion of the tooth that is visible in the oral cavity
  133. coronal pulp
    part that lies within the crown portion of the tooth
  134. dental papilla
    gingiva between the teeth
  135. odontoblasts
    cells that form dentin
  136. osteoblasts
    cells that form bone
  137. periodontium
    structures that surronds support are attached to the teeth
  138. pulp chamber
    space occupied by the pulp
  139. last primary tooth is lost when
    permanent dentition begins at age 12
  140. erruption
    the movement of the teeth into their functional position
  141. every tooth is divided into
    crown and root
  142. pit
    is the pinpoint depresion in the occlusal in the posterior when 2 or more grooves meet.
  143. crater like break in the mucosa
  144. swelling or mass of blood in one are
  145. bad breath
  146. abnormal tissue in the oral cavity
  147. localisesd collection of pus
  148. tooth that remains unerupted
  149. closed sac that contains fluid or semisolid material
  150. normal wearing away of tooth tissue
  151. pathological wearing away of tooth tissue by friction of foreighn body
  152. overgrowth of bone
  153. inflamation of cellular or connective tissue
  154. a tumor of connective tissue
  155. xerostomia
    dry mouth
  156. bright red line along the border of the free gingival margin
  157. location of hairy leukoplakia
    dorsom of tounge
  158. diagnostes tool used in the diagnoses of periapicle pathology and impacted teeth
  159. soft tissue lesions in the mouth so they can be microscoply examined
  160. providing treatment and seeing how the condition responds
  161. if taken during pregnacy may result in a yellow gray brown stain on the teeth of the fetus?
  162. every tooth is divided into
    crown and root
  163. when embroyo is five to six weeks its first sighns of tooth development are on
    anterior mandibular region of developing embroyo
  164. which teeth vary in form more than any other teeth
    third molars & max lateral incisors
  165. tough light pink kertanised tissue that covers hard palate ect.
    masticatory mucosa
  166. permanent teeth non succsedenous
    mandibular left 2nd molars
  167. ada recognises
    9 specialities
  168. the cusp of carabelli is found on
    max first molars
  169. permanent premolars replace
    primary first & 2nd molars
  170. characteristecs of primary dentition
    large pulp chamber
  171. tissue that covers inside of cheek vestibule lips soft palate ventral surface
    lining mucosa
  172. space between tooth & free gingiva
  173. triangular space between teeth
  174. dental speciality that became the first new dental speciality in 36 years when granted recognition by the ADA in 1999
    oral & maxofacial radiology
  175. condition that appears as a white patch
  176. yeast like fungal infection
  177. aphthous ulcer
    like a cancer sore
  178. glositis
    inflamation of the tounge
  179. pernicious anemia
    when body does not absorb vitamin b
  180. affects blood forming organs
    leukamia cancer
  181. precanerous leukoplakia is most common?
    on smokeless tobacco users
  182. radiation caries are caused by a lack of
  183. abnormally large jaws
  184. abnoramlly small jaw
  185. bony growth in the palate
  186. ankyglosia
    tounge tied
  187. dens in dentin
    tooth within a tooth
  188. abnormally small teeth
  189. abnormally large teeth
  190. when teeth are joined together
  191. decedous teeth are most affected by
  192. ________ is the hereditary condition that affects the dentin
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