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  1. What does this image represent?
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    This image is Venus of Willendorf. Her exaggerated breasts & stomach symbolize fertility or childbearing. Her belly button is a natural indentation of stone, not made from carving
  2. What is the beaker w/ ibex, dogs & long-necked birds from Susa?
    • The beaker w/ ibex is associated w/ the hunt & may symbolize plenty.
    • Front & hind legs of the ibex are made from 2 triangles, tail hangs like a feather, head is disconnected from the body & horns rise in a large, exaggerated arc to encircle a decorative circular form.
    • Hounds race above the ibex.
    • Wading birds form a decorative band across the beaker’s top

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  3. What is the importance of the Stonehenge?

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    The Stonehenge, on the Salisbury Plain, is the most famous type of megalith is the cromlech from the Celtic, crom - circle & lech - place. The site at the Stonehenge reflects 4 major building periods, extending from about 2750 - 1500 BCE. The reason for it being made is still unknown, but is surely related to the summer solstice, connecting to harvest & planting.
  4. Why is the Buffalo Kachina designed?

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    The Buffalo Kachina is designed to increase the poplulation of fur-bearing animals in the ard environment of the Southwest
  5. What did the Royal Standard of Ur depict?

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    The Royal Standard of Ur depicts main panels of teh rectangular box of unknown function are called "War" & "Peace", illustrating a miltiary victory on one side & banquet celebration on the other.
  6. Explain the Palette of Narmer

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