Adult Issues

  1. Medical disorders that impact the psychological well-being of a person
    • CV disease - 15% develop form of PTSD after MI; 2-5x more likely to die in one year if have depression
    • Diabetes
    • Pain
  2. Psychiatric Disorders
    • ADHD - inability to finish tasks, restlessness; tx: Ritalin
    • Gender identity disorder
    • Paraphilias
    • Sexual problems
  3. Sex
    • Self-awareness
    • Why ask? important part of people's lives; some meds decrease libido
  4. Sexual response cycle
    • Desire
    • Excitement
    • Orgasm
    • Resolution
  5. Sexual disorders
    • Can occur at anytime of cycle
    • Sexual dysfunction - ask if having any side effects of meds
    • Gender identity disorder - strong and persistent cross-gender identification; becomes very uncomfortable with own gender at puberty
    • Paraphilias - sexual behaviors that fall outside of the realm of what is defined as culturally normal
  6. Paraphilias
    • Fetishism - sexual focus on objects
    • Pedophilia - sexual arousal with children under the age of 16
    • Exhibitionism - intentional display of genitalia in public places
    • Voyeurism - "peeping tom"
    • Frotteurism - occurs more freq in crowded areas; rubbing genitalia on other people
    • Telephone scatalogia - obscene phone calls
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Adult Issues