Gov Quiz 5 People

  1. Robert Bork
    rejected Reagan-era supreme court nominee; last name is now sunominous with character assassination
  2. Jon Huntsman
    Former governor of UT; polling in low single digits for president
  3. John Bryson
    Confirmed commerce secretary; senate nomination held up over FTA's
  4. Douglas Elmendorff
    CBO director; tells congress that medicare waste will be hard to isolate
  5. Peter Gayton
    Executive director of the American Legion; opposes any changes to tricare
  6. Fred Shuttlesworth
    Cofounder of SCLC; organized Montgomery bus boycott with MLK
  7. Dan Pfeiffer
    White house communications director; says republicans are resistant to any effort to move the economy
  8. Gene Sperling
    Director of the national economic council; says 4 million people could qualify for mortgage rate reduction
  9. John Boozeman
    Arkansas senate republican; sponsoring a bill making e-verify mandatory nationally
  10. Alexander Vershbow
    Assistant secretary of defense; testifies there will be no mission creep in Africa
  11. Don Yamamoto
    Deputy assistant secretary of state; says Africa mission will cost 10's of millions of dollars
  12. Jedidiah Jenkins
    Director of ideology for 'invisible children inc.'; huge step in the right direction
  13. Liz Schuler
    Secretary and treasurer of the AFL-CIO ; seeking to approve OWS into labor movement
  14. Herb Allison
    Former adviser to Bush and Obama; will lead independent review of Solyndra
  15. John Kasich
    Republican governer of Ohio; signed a law limiting collective bargaining rights for public employee unions
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