1. Borders
    • Right-SVC and right atrium
    • Diaphragmatic-Right ventricle and small portion of left ventricle
    • Apex-Left ventricle
    • Left-Aortic arch, pulmonary artery, left auricle, left ventricle
  2. visceral pericardium
    outer layer of epicardium
  3. parietal pericardium
    inside lining
  4. fibrous pericardium
    • outer reinforcing layer, fused with diaphragm
    • collagen fibers and fascia
    • moves up and down with diaphragm
  5. transverse sinus
    seperates arteries (ant.) from veins (post.)
  6. oblique sinus
    cul-de-sac of venous reflections
  7. Cardiac tamponade/Pericarditis
    • excess of 50 cc
    • arterial presssure increases
    • shut down venous return and decrease CO to lungs, then brain and body
    • could die if not treated
    • serenge-pull out blood-quick recovery
  8. serosa
    serous membrane
  9. Left main coronary artery
    • Left anterior sinus of Valsalva
    • 1-2 cm
  10. Left anterior descending (LAD)
    Left interventricular, ant. 2/3 of septum
  11. Left circumflex (LC)
    • origin of nodal br. to SA node (45%)
    • in AV groove to back of heart
    • divide into marginal
  12. Left diagnoal branch
    origin from either LAD, LC or trifurcation of lt. main a.
  13. Right nodal branch
    1st branch to SA node (55%)
  14. right conus branch
    infundibulum region to anastomose with br. of lt. main
  15. Right marginal branch
    descends along acute margin of rt. ventricle
  16. Right posterior descending (PD)
    • Post. interventricular, post. 1/3 septum
    • anastomose with LAD
  17. Crux
    • Intersection of AV groove and post. interventricular sulci, vessel which crosses this is considered dominant (right 90%) and supplies AV node
    • 90%-right coronary artery
    • 10%-left circumflex artery
  18. How do you treat myocardial infarction?
    • Put a stint in with balloon
    • Expand balloon to expand stint
    • Take balloon out and stint stays expanded
    • If doesn't work-bypass vessels
  19. Great cardiac vein
    accompanies LAD and then LC
  20. Middle cardiac vein
    accompanies PD
  21. Small cardiac vein
    accompanies rt. marginal and then RC
  22. Which veins drain into coronary sinus?
    Great cardiac vein, Middle cardiac vein, Small cardiac Vein
  23. Oblique vein
    small vessel joins great cardiac v. to form coronary sinus (remnant of lt. superior cardinal and left SVC)
  24. Anterior cardiac vein
    open directly into rt. atrium
  25. Thebasian veins (venae minimae cordis)
    empty directly into all 4 chambers
  26. Crista terminalis
    • SVC to IVC
    • boundary between primitive rt. atrium and sinus venosus
    • between pectinate muscles and interatrial septum
  27. Auricle (Auricular appendage)
    • left-flap over pulmonary artery
    • right-flap over aorta
    • holds blood
  28. Pectinate muscle
    auricle and primitive rt. atrium
  29. Atrium
    • Crista terminalis
    • auricle
    • pectinate muscle
    • fossa ovalis
    • coronary sinus
    • annulus fibrosus
  30. Ventricle
    • Trabeculae carneae
    • Tricuspid valve
    • Chordae tendineae
    • Papillary muscles (Ant., post. and septal)-keep valves from flapping back into atrium
    • Moderator band-Trabeculae carneae with bundle of conduction fibers
    • infundibulum (conus arteriosus)-Smooth-walled outflow tract
    • Crista supraventricularis-Boundary between primitive Rt. Vent and conus outflow
    • Membranous septum
  31. Conduction System
    • Sinoatrial node (SA)-SVC with rt. atrium, beginning of crista terminalis (ridge in RA)
    • Internodal pathways-Includes Bachmann's bundle to lt. atrium
    • Atrioventricular node (AV)-Between coronary sinus and annulus fibrosi
    • Common bundle of His-Top of interventricular septum
    • Bundle branches-Ant. & post. divisions (Lt.), moderator band (Rt.)-short cut
    • Purkinje fibers-Subendocardium into myocardium-looks closest to cardiac muscle
  32. Anastomoses
    • Right coronary artery and Left circumflex artery
    • right posterior descending artery and left anterior descending artery
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