global and diverse families

  1. Chinese Families
    Chinese philosophy and families: Confucianism, edu, moral virtue

    Confucianism: five ordinary relationships :heaven, emperor, father/son, husband/wife, teacher/student, three leading relationships: emperor, father, husband

    Chinese values: Zhong- loyalty, Xiao- filial piety (child), Jie- integrity, Yi- justiceness, Ren- humanity

    • Chinese Family Structure: patriarchal (roles),
    • patrilineal (daughters leave), and patrilocal (Sons wanted)

    One child policy: PRC- largest population, child bearing permit, incentives, penalties, lack of elderly care, abuse of women,
  2. Asian Indian families
    Family Structure: patriarchal,patrilineal, and patrilocal system, authority, examgamous

    joint family (lineally extended family), broken (head w/o spouse), nuclear (head w/spouse), education increases- nuclear family, social mobility

    Caste System: varna, purusa creator, Brahmins (priests), Kshatrayias (warriors and rulers), vaisays (traders/officials), sudras (unskilled workers), Pariah (untouchables)
  3. Middle Eastern Families
    • Family Structure: extended, patriarchal, patrillineal, patrilocal, endogamous, and occasionally polygamous,
    • Based on blood ties (PATRILLINEAL DESCENT), family is the center (we), heirarchy, honor, networks for jobs, consensus, divorce is discouraged

    • New develoment in Middle east: industrialization, urbanization, women's rights, patrilocal (undermined), examgamous marriage, legal age of marriage raised,
    • fertility rates: less with higher edu, indadequate sociaeco change, edu impacts age of marriage

    Honor killing: killing member of family b/c of dishonor to family,
  4. Iranian Families
    Religion: Islamic Ideology, arranged marriage,

    Family Values: family is basis, separation of private and public lives, loyalty, pride, nepotism is a good thing,

    Family structure: patriarchal, patrilineal, and patrilocal, gender roles and double standards, full body covering

    • Family Transitions: old stage (5 marital stages: monogamous, polygamous, marrige with 2 women, lean "borrowed" marriage, cousin marriage (keep family line pure)
    • new stage: Shia'a Islam, Islamic revolution, republic, cultural policies, love in marriage, increase in divorce rate, women divorce
  5. Global Families
    • Race: has been a matter of political contention.
    • Race consciousness is largely a modern phenomenon.
    • Biological concept.
    • Race is a category of people who are related by a common heredity or ancestry and who are perceived and responded to in terms of external features or traits

    • Race as a social concept.
    • A pre-eminently sociohistorical concept.

    • Ethnicity: refers to “statuses based on cultural heritage and shared ‘feelings of peoplehood’”
    • Ethnic group: is a category of people set apart from
    • others because of distinctive customs and lifestyles. They are groups of people who share a common language, ancestry, or land of origin.
    • Minority group: – a category of people who are set apart for unequal treatment because of physical or cultural characteristics
    • It is a subordinate group whose members have significantly less control or power over their own lives than members of a dominant or majority group have over theirs.
    • Minority group is
    • not necessarily a numerical minority; the critical factor is unequal treatment in terms of power and influence, access to resources, and life chances
  6. AFrican American Families
    only group to enter US involuntarily (differential power)

    • Taylors Article: Theoretical approaches: How do we explain African American current family situation?
    • –Argued that “slavery destroyed African American familial structures and cultures and gave rise to a host of dysfunctional family features”
    • –Emergence of the African American “matriarchal” or
    • maternal family system.
    • Weakened the economic position of African American men and their authority in the family
    • Thus, family form was inherently unstable and produced pathological outcomes in the family unit, such as high rates of poverty,illegitimacy, crime

    Deficit model of family structure: cultural deviant,
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