the future

  1. Will and be going to
    • Will and be going to; used to talk about something that is planned, or something we think is likely to happen (in the future).
    • Will; to make a prediction based on our opinion or experience.
    • Will; when we make a decision at the moment of speaking.
    • Be going to; to make a prediction based on some present evidence.
    • Be going to; when a decision is already been made.
  2. Present simple (inf+ s)
    Present continuous (to be+ inf+ ing)
    • Present simple; general truth and habits
    • Present simple; to talk about the future events that are part of some timetabled or programmed arrangement or routine.
    • Present simple; after the words: as soon as, before, by the time, when, while, until, after.
    • Present simple; in sentences with: if, in case, provided, unless.
    • Present simple; when we talk about possible future events with: suppose, supposing, what if.
    • Present continuous or be going to; to talk about planned future events, when there is a intention or a definite decision (can be a question).
  3. Future continuous (will be+ ing)
    Future perfect (will have+ ed)
    • Future continuous; to express that something is in progress at a particular time in the future.
    • Future continuous; express plans or intentions.
    • Future perfect; to say that something will be ended, completed or achieved by a particular point in the future.
    • Future perfect; accentuate the duration of an activity in progress at a particular point in the future.
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