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  1. accumen
    (n) quickness or judgement; keenness of insight
  2. adamant
    (adj) firm; unyielding; inflexible
  3. assiduous
    (adj) perfomed with constant diligence or attention; persistent, devoted; attentive
  4. bumptious
    (adj) crudely forward; pushy
  5. compunction
    (n) uneasiness coming from a sense of guilt; remorse or contrition
  6. emasculate
    (v) to deprive of manly strength of vigor, make weak or effeminate
  7. empirical
    (adj) depending on experience or observation alone, regardless of science or theory; pertaining to experience or experiment
  8. execrable
    (adj) extremely inferior; very bad; abhorrent
  9. fatuous
    (adj) foolish, silly; inane
  10. itinerant
    (adj) not staying in one place; going or traveling from place to place
  11. mundane
    (adj) pertaining to the world; earthly
  12. poignant
    (adj) keen, piercing; painfully moving; touching
  13. sophistry
    (n) a plausible but fallacious argument; a deceptive or faulty argument
  14. supercilious
    (adj) haughty; overly proud; contemptuous
  15. verbatim
    (adj) word for word; in the same words
  16. abstemious
    (adj) sparing in food and drink
  17. commiserate
    (v) to feel or express sorrow or compassion; condole, sympathize
  18. dour
    (adj) sour or sullen in aspect
  19. ennui
    (n) listlessness; boredom
  20. insidious
    (adj) sly; treacherous; wily; intending to entrap
  21. jubilation
    (n) rejoicing; triumphant shouting
  22. mirage
    (n) an unreal reflection; an illusion
  23. obloquy
    (n) abusive language; lies or slanders
  24. panacea
    (n) a remedy for all diseases or evils; cure-all
  25. plaintive
    (adj) expressive of sorrow or melancholy
  26. rotund
    (adj) round; full and flowing
  27. sadism
    (n) delight in cruelty
  28. sonorous
    (adj) rich, deep sound; impressive
  29. strident
    (adj) harsh-sounding; grating; shrill
  30. turgid
    (adj) inflated; swollen; bloated; swelling in style or language; pompous
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