Pardoner's tale

  1. _______ is the roots of everything the pardoner teaches
  2. How many rioters?
  3. What do the rioters ask the server?
    who's corpse is in the coffin passing by
  4. What happened to the man in the coffin?
    he was killed by the bubonic plague
  5. The thief?
    • "death"
    • personified as the bubonic plague
  6. what do the rioters decide to do ?
    go in search of death
  7. What does the old man tell them?
    he doesnt want to die yet because he has not found someone on his pilgrimages that would change his youth to have his age
  8. Where did the old man leave "death"?
    under a tree
  9. what do the rioters find under the tree?
    a pile of gold coins (8 bushels)
  10. What do the 2 waiting by the gold decide to do?
    they decide that they will stab the youngest when he gets back
  11. What does the youngest decide to do to the other 2 rioters?
    poison them so he can have all the gold to himself
  12. what happened in the end?
    all 3 ended up dead
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