GRE Words 2

  1. foreboding
    n. strong inner sense that something bad is about to happen

    Before boarding the plane I had a strange forebeating that we would crashing the ocean.
  2. interpolate
    (v) to alter or corrupt by inserting new or foreign matter

    to make insertions

    introduce, edge in, fit (in or into), inject, insinuate
  3. derelict (DARE-eh-lihkt)
    (adj) abandoned especially by the owner or occupant; run-down

    negligent, careless, lax, lazy, neglectful

    (n) something voluntarily abandoned, vagrant, bum, ne'er-do-well, do-nothing, good-for-nothing, no-account, no-good, no-goodnik, slacker
  4. obsequious (ahb-see-kwee-uhs)
    (adj) marked by or exhibiting a fawning attentiveness, subservient
  5. discursive
    (adj) moving from topic to topic without order, rambling

    proceeding coherently from topic to topic
  6. laudatory
    (adj) of, relating to, or expressing praise
  7. interminable
    (adj) without end
  8. desiccate
    (v) to dry up, dehydrate
  9. rectitude
    righteousness, morality
  10. levity
    lightheartedness, cheerfulness
  11. miscreant
    a bad or depraved person
  12. insular
    isolated, defended against outside contact
  13. acrophobia
    fear of heights
  14. uncanny
    unexplainable; seeming to have unnatural or supernatural aspect
  15. lilt
    cadence or rhythm, usually of an upbeat nature
  16. approbation
    approval, commendation, praise
  17. incubate
    to create conditions (such as warmth) that are favorable for development
  18. scamp
    someone who gets in trouble or causes mischief
  19. nefarious
  20. burlesque
    a humorous performance that either mocks something serious or treats something ordinary with mock seriousness
  21. elicit
    to draw or bring out or forth
  22. predispose
  23. incorrigible
    impossible to correct or control
  24. cacophonous
    not harmonious; grating or loud
  25. verbose
    talkative, using more words than necessary
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