Searching the literature

  1. Importance of literature review
    reviewing relevant literature is a crucial step in the research process. Reading related studies and journal articles helps the researcher to better grasp the depth of research already done on a given subject and to better understand the mehodology and procedures that have already been applied to it
  2. Working Bibliography
    this imporatant first step helps the researcher wade through a great deal of literature in a systematic manner. A researcher generates a working bibliography by keeping a running list of potential sources which can be investigated and evaluated later on.
  3. Establish a system for taking notes and keepiing track of sources and citations.
    reading and taking notes is teh cux of the process of literature review. Researchers at every level must understand the importance of taking copious notes and know how to carefully reference all matterial culled from other sources. Keeping track of citations is an important part of this process.
  4. conceptual literature
    the conjectural, often abstract literature that provides the theoritical underpinnings for a research study.
  5. working bibliography
    An annotated listing of all literature sources that are pertinent to the research problem being studied.
  6. Ciritcal reading
    the process of reading a large amouint of literature while thinking about, reflecting upon, and critically analyzing what is being said.
  7. Indexes
    bibliographic reference guides based predominantly on subject titles and author names that are used as a resources guide for locating literature or sources of information.
  8. reviews
    comprehensive discourse or essay that provides a synthesis of the research and conceptual literature on a particular topic.
  9. periodicals
    publications such as journals or magazines that serve as primary source for disseminating information and the disclosure of research findings.
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