SOY 2011

  1. What are the punitive articles of the UCMJ?
    Articles 77-134
  2. Unauthorized Absence is what article of the UCMJ?
    Article 86
  3. What article of the UCMJ is considered the General Article?
    • Artice 134
    • (specific offenses which, if violated, can result in punishment by court-martial)
  4. What is article 87?
    Missing ships movement
  5. What article is 92
    Failure to obey and order
  6. What is article 112?
    Drunk on duty
  7. What is Article 31?
    Compulsory self incrimination prohibited
  8. Drunken or recklass driving is what article?
    Article 111
  9. Name the 3 governing bodies that are the basis for the military law?
    UCMJ, US Navy Regulations, and Standard Organization & Regulation of the USN
  10. What is Article 85
  11. How many articles are in the Code of Conduct?
  12. How many types of court martials are there? What are they?
    3; Summary, Special, and General
  13. When is the Navy Birthday?
    October 13, 175
  14. When is the Marine Corp birthday?
    November 10, 1775
  15. When is the birthday of the Hospital Corp?
    June 17, 1898
  16. In order from oldest to youngest, name the four military branches of service.
    Army, Navy, Marine Corp, and Air Force
  17. What two corps are shared with the Marine Corps and Air Force?
    Medical and Chaplain Corps
  18. What is the meaning of the MIKE flag?
    Medical Guard
  19. What is the OSCAR flag?
    Man overboard
  20. What is flown in port on the bow of a US Navy ship during normal operations?
    Union Jack
  21. What does Task Force EXCEL stand for?
    Excellence through committment to education and learning
  22. What presidents served in the USN?
    Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, ford, Carter, and Bush (Senior)
  23. Who is the only president to attend the Naval Academy?
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