Psy 240 ch 7

  1. What are the two types of conformity and explain.
    • Normative- The need to get along (feel connected to others, position taken is more important than reasons for taking that position)
    • Informational- Seek the truth (need for mastery, rationale is as important as the actual position taken)
  2. What was the Asch Study?
    3 parrell lines, one obviously shorter, ask group which line is longest, group picks shortest to see if you'll conform to the short one as well.
  3. What are the factors that affect opinion norms in groups?
    Order of speaking, group values, distribution of opinion(apparent and actual)
  4. What is the Crutchfield study?
    You sat in a room with 3 lights labeled "subject 1, 2, 3" and you 4 were all asked a question, their answer was displayed before you, before you had to make a choice.
  5. Qualities of a good leader and two types of leaders
    • Social (teamwork, support) and Task (organize work, keep group focued) Good leaers need both types of skills.
    • Leaders are: consistent, outgoing, self-confident
  6. Why dont high status people have to conform?
    Idiosyncracy credits let them violate norms, high status people create the norms
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