1. 3 main function of body membranes
    • -line or cover body surfaces
    • -protect
    • -lubricate
  2. 2 main types of body membranes
    • -epithelial
    • -connetive tissue
  3. cutaneous membrane is
  4. cutaneous membrane is the most
    dense connective tissue and outmost protective boundary
  5. what membrane is only in connective tissue
  6. outermost layer of skin
  7. 2nd deepest-
  8. 2 layers of dermis -
    • -papillary
    • -reticular
  9. fat, anchors skin to organs
  10. growth of hair
    hair root
  11. covering around hair root
    hair follicle
  12. duct is open to skin
    eccrine sweat gland
  13. sweat exits skin
    sweat pore
  14. ridges in dermis
    dermal papillae
  15. touch receptors
    meissner's corpuscle
  16. varies nerve in skin
    free nerve ending
  17. dermis; connective tissue
    reticular layer
  18. empty oil into hair
    sebaceous gland
  19. causes hair to stand up
    arrector pili
  20. nerves in skin
    sensory nerve fiber
  21. senses virbrations to touch
    pacinian corpuscle
  22. sense the postiion of hair
    hair follicle receptor
  23. sebaceous glands produce -
    oil, which libriates skin and kills bacteria
  24. 2 types of sweat glands;
    • -eccrine - open to pore on skin surface
    • -apocrine - ducts empty into hair follicles
  25. composition of sweat glands;
    • -mostly water
    • -some metabolic weaste
  26. functions of sweat glands;
    • -helps disspiate excess heat
    • -excretes waste products
  27. compare 3 diff types of epitheial membranes
    • -cutaneous (skin and interacts with external environment)
    • -mucous -lines throat, nose, & are internal and contact external environment
    • -serous (surround heart, lungs, abs, and only contact internal environment
  28. 4 main functions of skin;
    -protects our body from 1. dessication, 2. heat regulation, 3. bacterial damage and 4 mechanical damage
  29. what is melanin
    component that gives our skin color
  30. where is melanin found
    in epidermis
  31. 2 types of skin cancer
    • -benign-doesnt spread
    • -malignant -moves to other parts
  32. basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer that is
    • -least malignant
    • -most common type
  33. most deadly of skin cancer:
    malignant melanoma
  34. the ABCD rule is:
    • a-asymmentry
    • b-border irregularity
    • c-color
    • d-diameter
    • e-elevation above skin
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