Psy240 ch6

  1. Definition of Attitude, and tripartite definition of attitude
    • A learned predisposition to respond to an object or class of objects in a consistently positive or negative manner.
    • Cognition<--> Affect<-->Behavior
  2. What is Systematic processing?
    Deep analytic thoughts which focus on the central arguement, when a conclusion is made, it is longer term, but you can argue yourself out of the point too. Dont think TOO much
  3. What is Superficial processing?
    Thoughtless, shallow conclusion on an arguement, answer is the easiest to achieve, and is quick to come to a conclusion, but it can just as easily be changed
  4. According to the Hovland-Yale program, what are the three steps for attitude change?
    Message(stimuluis)-Comprehension-Attitude Change (response)
  5. What is source expertise and 3 examples?
    The person who is delievering the message, someone who: is a fast talker, celebrity endorser (over-generalized of expertise), or stereotyped authority (systematic or superficial processing)
  6. Which is better, 1 or 2 side arguement in trying to persuade someone
    1 sided for someone who already agrees with you, they'll agree more. 2 sided for someone who doesnt agree with your point to begin with
  7. Explain the Social Judgement theory(assimilation-contrast theory)
    We have a latitude of acceptance and latitude of rejection, where we find attitudes acceptable or unacceptable, areas between acceptance and rejection are regions of indifference
  8. What does adding distraction do to people's persuasion?
    reduces it, since attention is reduced, as well as comprehension, so yielding is also reduced.
  9. What is the Dissonance theory?
    We change attitudes to fit the way we act. When freely chosen actions violate important attitudes, we are motivated to change our attitudes to match out behavior
  10. What is the self-perception theory?
    A theory that says dissonance is just a result of observin our own behavior, (if we want to join a group, we must like that group, if we choose a car over a girlfriend, we must really like that car)
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