1. performance standards for the fire service instructor are identified in
    NFPA 1041
  2. instructors must adapt there ____________ to the students rate of understanding. or students will become discouraged
    learning pace
  3. in which step of the lesson plan outline are students motivated to learn
  4. The law of __________ states that no one will ever become poficient at any skill without perfoming the operation
    Law of Exercise
  5. The basic instructonal method to use when teaching a new skill is
  6. the more true to life the learning situation is , the greater the change in a students behavior will be. illustrates the law of _________
  7. The __________ is responsible for maintaining contunuity throughout the training program
  8. An intensive kind of tutoring givin to learners to improve skills in a subject or activity is referd to as__________
  9. what is the NFPA for rehab during training
  10. Tabletop models are intended to show ___________
    opperating principals
  11. Modules are best used for?
  12. What is a key element of most presentations
    The learning enviornment
  13. A pretest is used by instructors to?
    Determine the current level of training and skill
  14. what is not a purpose of a written exam?
    They provide the primary source of outcomes assesment
  15. When is a summative evaluation process implemented
    periodically during course development
  16. The last step in conducting a skills performance evaluation is
    to record the results of the exam
  17. a type of evaluation that can be used throughout a course delivery, which provides instant feedback is a _________ evaluation
  18. When assembling and analyzing course material and facility information the instructor should refer to?
    NFPA 1402-1403
  19. Study sheets are used?
    Arouse learner intrest in a subject
  20. the role of a instructor who provides advanced level training for experienced Fire a EMS is best Described as?
  21. a factor overlooked during classroom preperation for a course that can create a distraction for the students is?
    seating, time of day, temp of the classroom
  22. A method of instruction that directs a group thinking toward the solution of a common problem is called?
    Conference discusson
  23. The law of readiness is based upon a principle of learning which stated that people learn best when?
    They a prepared to learn
  24. The part of a lesson plan that deals with out-of-class requirements, which students need to complete in order to be succesful during the course is the?
  25. since classes my be interrupted an instructor must be prepared fo respond by?
    having a contingency plan
  26. A shy or timid learner can be helped by?
    Encouraging participation when disscusion is informal
  27. a learner who uses group situations to gain attention is classified as?
    a show-off
  28. The uninterested learner displays little __________and__________?
    Energy, attention
  29. Models are best suited for
  30. what % is rememberd from what we see and hear
  31. An examination that measures what it is supposed to measure is
  32. the last step in performing a skill performance evaluation is
    recording the results
  33. What is the NFPA standard for fire safety officer
  34. A ________ can create interesting and informative lectures by providing information that will affect various senses
    A diagram display
  35. A __________ scans and print a reduced size copy of material drawn or printed on a dry erase board
    Electronic copyboard
  36. According to NFPA 1403 the _______ is resposible for ingniting a fire, for live fire training
    ingnition officer
  37. In a skill demonstration the 1st thing a instructor should do is________/
    Link new information with current knowlege
  38. Most instructors speak at _________ and students takes notes at _____
    120-240 wpm 20wpm
  39. with a ___________ aproach test scores are translate to a pass or fail grade
  40. The _________ restricts access to personal information like test scores and names and are subject to the provision of what?
    Buckley amendment, family education rights and privcy act of 1974
  41. Performance stantdards for fire instuctors are indentified in
    NFPA 1401
  42. Chart used by and organization to identify indaviduals within the dept is known as
    Organizational charts
  43. What is a caracteristic of todays fire service instructor
    motivational skills
  44. Title VII Provisions apply to state and local governments that employ ________ or more employees
  45. Making fun of a student for religious beliefs is coverd by
    civil right act of 1964
  46. For a printed article to be coverd by public domain it must be published befor
  47. accourding to houle what are the three types of adult learners
    • Learner
    • goal
    • activity
  48. cognative objectives emphasize
  49. in which learning doamin would the following statment occur. a firefighter is willing to make in-service inspections
  50. Learning will allways be effective when a feeling of satisfaction pleasantness or reward accompanies the learning process is and example of what law.
    law of effect
  51. what percent of learning is a result of seeing
  52. The more true to life the situation the greater the change in a students behavior illustrates the law of
  53. The law of ___________ compares new knowlege to existing knowlege base
  54. Group involvement is best accomplished by using
    guided disscussion
  55. Charles arnold 4 step process is
    preparation presentation application evaluation
  56. u evaluate the audience in which step
  57. what is the defintion of a degree
    document awarded by an instatution for the completion of required corsework
  58. certificate
    given for the completion of a training course or event
  59. Certification
    succesful completion of a testing process baised on a standard
  60. 1983- tittle VII
    public officials- everyone
  61. what is the classification of test
    • prescriptive- begining
    • formative - quizzes
    • summative - mid term final
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