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  1. William the Conqueror
    Williams's nickname who became king of England on Christmas day in 1066
  2. Common law
    A legal system based on custom and court rulings
  3. Jury
    Legal group of people sworn to make a decision in a legal case
  4. King John
    Son of Henry II who is clever, cruel, untrustworthy ruler, and lost all of the struggles he had
  5. Magna Carta
    Great charter
  6. Due process of law
    The requirement that the gov act fairly and in accordance w/ established rules in all that it does
  7. Habeas corpus
    Principle that a person can't be held in prison w/out first being charged w/ a specific crime
  8. Parliament
    The legislature of England, and later of Great Britain
  9. Louis IX
    He became king of France and was a deeply religious man who persecuted heretics and Jews for not being Christian
  10. Holy Roman Empire
    Empire of west central Europe from 962 to 1806, comprising present-day Germany and neighboring lands
  11. Henry IV
    He was crowned king of Germany in 1054 and later became holy roman emperor
  12. Pope Gregory VII
    During Henry IV's reign, he was pope. This was also when conflict between monarchs and the church emerged
  13. Lay investiture
    Appointment of bishops by anyone who is not a member of the clergy
  14. Frederick Barbarossa
    Real name: Frederick I and a.k.a "Red Beard" dreamed of building an empire from the Baltic to the Adriatic
  15. Pope Innocent III
    He took office in 1198 and claimed supremacy over all other rulers
  16. Crusades
    A series of wars from the 1000's-1200s in which European Christians tried to win control of the holy land from the Muslims
  17. Holy land
    Jerusalem and other places in Palestine where Christians believe Jesus had lived and preached
  18. Pope Urban II
    He was asked by the Byzantine emperor Alexius I for Christian knights to help him fight Muslim Turks & even though there was many rivals between Roman popes & Byzantine emperors he agreed
  19. Reconquista
    During the 1400s the campaign by European Christians to drive the Muslims from present-day Spain
  20. Ferdinand and Isabella
    Were married & used their combined forces to make a final push against the Muslim stronghold of Granada & in 1492 Granada fell & the Reconquista was complete
  21. Inquisition
    A church court setup to try ppl of accused of heresy
  22. Scholasticism
    In medieval Europe the school of thought that used logic & reason to support Christian belief
  23. Thomas Aquinas
    He wrote Summa theologica where he concluded that faith and reason exist in harmony
  24. Vernacular
    Everyday languages of ordinary ppl such as French, German, & Italian
  25. Dante Alighieri
    He was an Italian poet who wrote the Divine Comedy in the 1300s which talks about heaven and hell
  26. Geoffrey Chaucer
    An English writer who wrote the Canterbury Tales which describes a band of pilgrims traveling to saint Thomas Becket's tomb
  27. Gothic style
    Type of European architecture that developed in the middle ages characterized by flying buttresses, ribbed vaulting, thin walls, & high roofs
  28. Flying buttresses
    Stone supports that stood outside the church
  29. Illumination
    The artistic decoration of books and manuscripts
  30. Black death
    An epidemic of the bubonic plague that ravaged Europe in the 1300s
  31. Epidemic
    Outbreak of rapid-spreading disease
  32. Inflation
    Rising prices
  33. Schism
    Permanent division in a church
  34. Longbow
    Six-foot-long bow that could rapidly fire arrows w/ enough force to pierce most armor
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