Algebra 1 Vocab.txt

  1. Open sentences
    A mathematical statement with one or more variables that will contain either a =, <,>
  2. Solution
    A replacement value for the variable in an open sentence
  3. Equation
    A mathematical sentence that contains an equal sign(=).
  4. Replacement set
    A set of numbers from which replacements for a variable may be chosen
  5. Set
    A collection of objects or numbers, of ten shown using braces and usually named by a capital letter
  6. Element
    Each object or number in a set
  7. Solution set
    The set of elements from the replacement set that make an open sentence true
  8. Inequality
    An open sentence that contains the symbol <, or >
  9. Distributive property
    Multiply the number outside of the parentheses to the number 1 variable inside the parentheses
  10. Term
    A number, a variable, or a product or quotient of numbers and variables
  11. Like term
    Are terms that contain the same variables, with corresponding variables having the same power
  12. Equivalent Expressions
    Expressions that denote the same number
  13. Simplest form
    An expression in simplest form when it is replaced by an equivalent expression having no like terms or parentheses
  14. Coefficient
    The numerical factor of a term
  15. Commutative property
    The order in which you add or multiply does not change tbe solution
  16. Associative property
    The parentheses do not change the solution
  17. Counterexample
    A specific case in which a statement is false
  18. Function
    A relation in which each element of the domain is paired with exactly one element of the range
  19. Coordinate plane
    The plane containing the x - and y - axes
  20. Y-axis
    The vertical number line on a coordinate plane
  21. X-axis
    The horizontal number line on a coordinate plane
  22. Origin
    The point where the 2 axes intersect at their zero points
  23. Ordered pair
    A set of numbers or coordinates used to locate any point on a coordinate plane, written in the form (x,y)
  24. X-coordinate
    The first number in an ordered pair
  25. Y-coordinate
    The second number in an ordered pair
  26. Relation
    A set of ordered pairs
  27. Domain
    The set of the first numbers of the ordered pairs in a relation
  28. Range
    The set of second numbers of the ordered pairs in a relation
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