cranial and spinal nerves

  1. olfactory nerve
    • nerve 1
    • completely sensory
    • conveys olfactory info from the nose
  2. optic nerve
    • nerve 2
    • completely sensory
    • conveys visual info from the retina
  3. oculomotor nerve
    • nerve 3
    • motor- movement of eye, pulls eyelids up
    • sensory- proprioception of eyelid and eyeball
    • inervates 4/6 eye muscles, levator palpebrae and superious muscle
  4. trochlear nerve
    • nerve 4
    • motor- controls movement of the eye
    • sensory- proprioception of the eyeball
    • inervates the superior oblique muscle
  5. trigeminal nerve
    • nerve 5 (touch)
    • opthamalic nerve inervates skin of forehead, opthalmic eyelids and cornea
    • maxiallry nerve inervates skin of cheeck and maxillary teeth
    • mandibular nerve inervates muscles of mastication
    • sensory-proprioceotion of jaw position
  6. abducens nerve
    • nerve 6
    • motor- lateral rotation of the eyeball
    • sensory- proprioception of the eyeball position
    • inervates the lateral rectus
  7. facial nerve
    • nerve 7 (taste)
    • motor- controls facial expressions (somatic) and secretion of tears and saliva (autonomic)
    • sensory-proprioception of facial skin position
    • inervates 2/3 of anterior tastebuds
  8. vestibulocochlear nerve
    • nerve 8
    • sensory- carries receptors of sound from the ear
  9. glossopharyngeal nerve
    • nerve 9
    • motor- assists in speech and swallowing
    • sensory- proprioception of tounge and throat position
    • inervates posterior 1/3 of tounge
    • houses carotiod and aortic bodies- detect brain blood pressure
  10. vagus nerve
    • nerve 10
    • sensory- convey visceral touch from organs to the brain
    • inervate the heart lungs digestive tract and blood vessles.
  11. accessory nerve
    • nerve 11
    • motor- control head movement and shoulder
    • sensory- proprioception of head and neck positioning
    • inervate the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius
  12. hypoglossal nerve
    • nerve 12
    • motor- assist in speech and swallowing
    • sensory- proprioception of the muscles of the tounge and throat position
    • inervate the toung and throat
  13. axillary nerve
    • proprioception of shoulder and arm position
    • tactile sensation of skin of the shoulder
  14. musculocutaneous nerve
    • inervates the brachialis and biceps brachii
    • proprioception of arm and forearm position
    • tactile sensation of anterior and lateral forearm
  15. radial nerve
    • inervate posterior mucles of arm and forearm
    • proprioception of the upper appendage positioning
    • tactile sensation of posterior surface of upper appendages
  16. median nerve
    • inervates all flexors of the forearm except the flexor carpi ulnaris
    • proprioception of hand and fingers
    • tactile sensation of anterior/lateral forearm, palms and fingers
  17. ulnar nerve
    • inervates the flexor carpi ulnaris
    • proprioception of hand position
    • tactile sensation on anterior medial portion of forearm, palm, and fingers
  18. femoral nerve
    • inervates the quadriceps femoris
    • proprioception of thigh and lower leg positin
    • tactile sensation from anterion thigh and medial lower leg/foot
  19. sciatic erve
    • inervates the hamstring muscles
    • proprioception of the thigh and lower leg position
    • tactile sensation of posterior thigh
  20. tibial nerve
    • inervates gastrocnemius and soleus
    • proprioception of lower leg and foot
    • tactile sensation from skin of the calf
  21. common fibular nerve
    • inervates the muscles of the anterior and lateral lower leg
    • proprioception of lower leg and foot
    • tactile sensation o anterior and lateral lower leg and dorsum of foot
  22. phrenic nerve
    inervates the diaphram
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