the atom

  1. who wrote the atomic theory
    john dalton
  2. summarise dalton's atomic theory
    • >all matter is made up of very small particles called atoms
    • >all atoms are indivisible
    • >atoms cannot be created or destroyed
  3. who discovered the electron?
    william crookes
  4. what are cathode rays?
    streams of negatively charged particles called electrons
  5. who named electrons?
    george stoney
  6. positive electrode
  7. what does thomson conclude about cathode rays?
    since the cathod rays were attracted up towards the positive plate, they consisted of negatively charged particles
  8. who did an oil drop exp?
    robert millikan
  9. what does the oil drop exp determine?
    size of charge on electron
  10. who discovered the nucleus
    ernest rutherford
  11. what is the plum pudding model?
    sphere of positive charge with negative electrons embedded in it at random
  12. who discovered the neutron?
    james chadwick
  13. who discovered the proton?
  14. what did william crookes investigate?
    cathode rays in vacuum tubes
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