BIOL 223L Lab 2 - Terms

  1. True or False: Connective tissue is characterized by having few cells and a large amount of intercellular material or matrix.
  2. List the three types of fibers found in connective tissue.
    • collagen
    • elastic
    • reticular
  3. Strong fibers with a rope-like structure are comprised of:
  4. Fibers that can be stretched and returned to thier original shape are known as:
    elastic fibers
  5. Fine, structural fibers arranged in networks which form an internal framework are:
    reticular fibers
  6. The matrix of connective tissue is also known as:
    ground substance
  7. The most common connective tissue cell that is responsible for the production of fibers and matrix is the:
  8. Primitive connective tissue cells that change during the life of the embryo into more specialized connective tissue cells are:
    mesenchymal cells
  9. If the fibers are arranged in many directions the tissue is said to be:
  10. If the fibers in a connective tissue are arranged in one direction the tissue is said to be:
  11. A synonymous term for loose, irregular connective tissue is:
    areolar connective tissue
  12. Tissue that recieves stress from several different directions will likely be:
    dense irregular connective tissue
  13. Tissue that recieves considerable stress from only one direction will likely be:
    dense regular connective tissue
  14. Tissue that consists of modified fibroblasts designed to store lipids is:
    adipose tissue
  15. Cells scattered throughout the matrix of hyaline cartilage are known as:
  16. What contains the osteocytes in bone tissue?
  17. The feature of bone roughly translates to "little canal."
  18. The concentric rings around a haversion canal are known as:
  19. A formed element in blood tissue that is a biconcave disc is an:
  20. When a megakaryocyte, found in the bone marrow, pinches off little pieces of itself, they become:
  21. The anatomical name for "white blood cells" is:
  22. List the three structural parts of a neuron.
    • cell body (perikaryon)
    • processes
    • myelin sheath
  23. Which type of neuron process carries a nerve impulse away from the cell body?
  24. The numerous and very short processes of a neuron that carry nerve impulses to the cell body are:
  25. List a location in the human body for adipose tissue.
    surrounding the kidneys
  26. List a location of dense regular connective tissue in the human body.
  27. List a location of areolar connective tissue in the human body.
    the dermis layer of your skin
  28. Name a location of reticular tissue in the human body.
    the lymph node
  29. Where in the human body do you find hyaline cartilage?
    • trachea
    • articulation of bones
  30. Where in the human body do you find fibrocartilage?
    the pubic symphysis
  31. Give a location where one might locate nervous tissue in the human body.
    the spinal cord
  32. Which type of sweat gland will empty onto the epithelial surface?
    merocrine gland
  33. Which type of sweat gland empties into a hair follicle?
    apocrine gland
  34. Which type of gland is only found in association with hair follicles and looks like a head of cauliflower?
    sebaceous gland
  35. Which type of corpuscle will be found deeper in the dermis, tactile or lamellated?
    lamellated corpuscle (Pacinian corpuscle)
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