COMM 351-6

  1. What is a studio system?
    • Where the studio heads make all decisions.
    • active during the 1920s-50s
  2. What is a star system?
    where actors are seen as indispensable
  3. What is an industry executive?
    • "development and programming executives (TV), co chair and CEO (film studios) and managing editors (zines).
    • provide institutional support to creators to enable the development and circulation of media texts
  4. What do standards and practices' offices do?
    maintaining network policies about content and making sure that the show being prepared for the network will not result in any kind of legal action
  5. What is industry lore?
    • The common ideas and best practices that a worker in any industry encounters
    • always question industry lore
  6. What are forms of textual practices?
    • known talent
    • known products
    • formats
    • standard features
  7. What are known products?
    • ex. sequels like spiderman 3
    • ex. spin-off: frasier
    • "anthology series" failed here: shows a new story every week
  8. What are routines?
    • Patterns of behavior
    • Organized norms: what is valued, how is success measured, how much autonomy do workers have
    • Operational norms: how much variability exists in how things are done
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