Science Test

  1. What is an ion?
    an atom or group of atoms that has become elecrically charged
  2. What is a covalent bond?
    a chemical bond formeed when two atoms share electrons
  3. What is a metallic bond?
    an attraction between a positive metal ion and the electrons surrounding it
  4. What do valence electrons do?
    valance electrons determines many properties of the element, including the ways in which the atoms can bond with other atoms
  5. What remains the same from the top to the bottom in a group in the periodic table?
    valence electrons
  6. How do you identify how many valence electrons a family has?
    by the group number
  7. A molecule in which the polar covalent bonds do not cancel out will be _______.
  8. Name the characteristics of metals.
    soft, malleable, ductile, and shiny
  9. What are polyatomic ions?
    an ion that is made of more than one --------
  10. How many atoms are shared in a double bond?
    4 atoms
  11. What is an alloy?
    is a mixture made of two or more elements that has the properties of metals
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