Americas 10/24/11

  1. What is a list of the different crops that we get from Latin America?
    • Sugarcane
    • Coffee
    • Fruit
    • Beef
  2. What are 2 huge things that we import from Latin America
    • Crops
    • Natural Resources
  3. What is the term for an Argentinian cowboy?
  4. What 3 countries are the biggest suppliers of beef?
    • United States
    • Australia
    • Argentina
  5. Where are many of the Argentinian cattle raised?
    the Pompous
  6. What 2 countries raise beef in South America?
    • Venezuela
    • Argentina
  7. Where is there a ton of sugarcane? both generally and specifically
    • the Caribbean
    • Cuba
  8. What product did Cuba's economy used to be based on?
  9. What two countries did we start gettin sugarcane from after Cuba fell to Communism?
    • the Dominican Republic
    • Jamaica
  10. Where is the second largest population of Cubans other than Havana?
    Maimi, FL
  11. What country's economy is based almost entirely on the coffee bean?
  12. What is an example of how dependent Columbia's economy is on coffee?
    if the price of coffee differs by just a few cents it can cause a huge issue in the wellfair of the Columbian economy
  13. Where is Latin America is fruit a huge export?
    All of Central America
  14. What did Mr. Keith start down in Central America?
    The United Fruit Company
  15. Why are the people angry with the United Fruit Company?
    because Americans pay good money for the fruit down in Central America but it gots caught up by the corrupt government and never reaches the people
  16. when the grape crop didn't do so well in _____ it made grape prices in America skyrocket.
  17. What country has been the leading miner of silver for over 400 years?
  18. Where do we get bauxite from?
  19. What is the official name for aluminum ore?
  20. What 3 other countries other than Jamaica mine Bauxite?
    • surinam
    • french guiana
    • guiana
  21. What South American country produces tin?
  22. how much iron do we actually get out of the iron ore that we produce in Northern America?
  23. How much iron do the Venezuelans get out of the iron ore that they mine?
    • 65%
    • some of the best iron ore in the world
  24. In what South American country is there currently a goldrush taking place?
  25. In what South America country is there a lot of potroleum (oil)?
  26. What city in Peru has a lot of oil?
    Iquitos, Peru
  27. Where did the majority of our foreign aid go after WWII?
    the areas around Communist controlled countries in order to contain it
  28. What were our attempts to fix relations between America and Latin America after we didn't give them foriegn aid?
    • Alliance for Progress- Kennedy
    • Organization of Latin American States
    • Peace Corps- Kennedy
  29. What are the most progressive Latin American countries trying to do with their social system?
    create and develop a middle class
  30. What are Brazil's two cities that are in the top 25 cities in the world in terms of Population?
    • Rio De Jenero
    • South Palo
  31. how much increase is there in population in Latin America every year?
  32. How many deaths are there per 1,000 women of childbearing age in Latin America?
    11 deaths
  33. How many births are there per women of childbearing age in Latin America?
    44 births
  34. Why are there so many births in Latin America?
    it all started with Roman Catholicism and their disbelief in contraceptives
  35. what is the term for the pride of the male?
  36. What is seriously lacking for the women in Latin American countries?
    women's rights
  37. What is the greatest church impact in Latin America right now? other than the Roman Catholic Church.
  38. What other country is trying to capture a lot of trade and commerce with Latin America?
  39. Where is there the largest population of Japanese in Latin America?
    South Palo, Brazil
  40. what does NAFTA stand for?
    North America Free Trade Association
  41. What 3 countries are part of NAFTA?
    • Canada
    • US
    • Mexico
  42. What country wants to be part of NAFTA?
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