MANU 3317-Notes 3

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  1. Reasons for Testing
    • 1. Incoming QC: garbage in - garbage out
    • 2. In-process testing: monitor process for adjustments
    • 3. Finished goods testing: attempts to catchsubstandard products
    • 4. Material performance: match raw material choices toperformance requirements
    • 5. Comparison to competitive products
    • 6. Analysis of competitive product
    • 7. Research and development: analysis ofdevelopmental products
  2. ASTM
    American Society for Testing and Materials - organization that develops and publishes technical standards

    • - testing standards no performance standards
    • -purpose: to ensure the duplication of testing conditinos are to the highest degree possible
  3. Obtaining Standards book
    Current status – 82 books, approx $10,000
  4. typical stress / strain curve
    Image Upload 1
  5. ABS stress / strain curve
    Image Upload 2
  6. 2% secant (modulus)
    • Image Upload 3
    • ex. PE
  7. brittle vs hard and tough
    Image Upload 4
  8. Vicat Testing
    Image Upload 5
  9. Heat Deflection Test
    Image Upload 6
  10. creep and cold flow (deformation over time)
    Creep: change in geometry of a part overtime through the working temp range of the polymer

    Cold Flow: generally refers to creep at room temperature
  11. Gloss (specular gloss)
    a measure of the light reflected by the surface of a material.
  12. Transmittance Haze Clarity
    T: % of light getting through

    H: defined as the fraction of transmitted light that deviates from the directly transmitted beam by more than 2.5degrees

    C: resolution of detail
  13. Accelerated Weather Testing
    UV Protection - different plastics vary considerably in their resistance to UV degradation. We often need to add UVI such as HALS to slow the degradation process.
  14. Hygroscopic
    • -tendency of a plastic to absorb moisture
    • -plastics must be dried before processing: Hot air dryer, Desiccant dryer
  15. Burn testing
    -burning the plastic and identify using odor, smell of fume, color of flame, nature of smoke
  16. resin spec sheet
    provides info about the resin such as resin properties, film properties, test method and values
  17. Permeability
    • -Plastic films allow passage of oxygen,water vapor and other gasses
    • -Important property for food protection
  18. Active Packaging
    Engineered films which allow passage inand/or passage out of target gasses(oxygen, carbon dioxide)
  19. Archimedian Test for S.G.
    refer to lab, weight, water
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