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  1. Acetaminophen (Tylenol)
    1000mg PO
  2. Adenosine
    6mg IV push over 1-3 sec

    • if no effect in 1-2 min repeat with 12mg IV
    • repeat one if necessary

    (use stopcock and 20mL normal saliine flush w/t each dose)
  3. albuterol
    2.5-5.0mg (3ccNS) in neb continuouslyx3 doses if not hx of cardiac disease and heart rate of under 150
  4. Amiodarone
    • V-Fib/Pulseless V-Tach
    • 300mg IV push
    • repeat doese of 150mg IV push for recurrent episodes

    • V-Tach w/t pulse
    • 150mg in 100cc D5W over 10min
  5. ASA
    81mg chewable X4
  6. Atropine
    • Asytole
    • 1mg IV repeat 3-5min up to 3mg

    • bradycardia
    • 0.5-1.0mg IV every 3-5min up to 3mg
    • if endotracheal max 6

    • organophosphate
    • 1-2mg IM or IV otherwise as per med control
  7. atropine and pralidoxine auto inject
    1 auto injector then per med control
  8. calcium chloride
    one amp(10ml) or 1gm IV
  9. charcoal
    50gm PO or NG tube
  10. cimetidine
    300mg IV/IM/PO
  11. D10%
  12. dextrose 50%
    • one amp or 25gm IV bolus
    • repeat based on FSBS
  13. diazepam
    4mg initial then 2mg IV ever 3-5 up to 10mg max unless med control dictates

    no IM admin

    10mg rectal if unable to obtain an IV
  14. dilaudid
    1-2 mg IM/IV/IO bolus then 1mg every 20-30min with max of 5mg or clinical improvement
  15. diltiazem
    0.25mg/kg IV over 2min
  16. diphenhydramine
    50mg IV/IM/PO
  17. dopamine
    2-20mcg/kg/min titrate to bp systolic of 90mmHg
  18. epi 1:1,000
    • 0.3mgIM <50
    • 0.15mgIM >50

    • neb
    • 2mg mixed with 1ml of NS
  19. epi 1:10
    1mg IV repeat ever 3-5 (may be given endotracheal)

    epi drip mix 1mg in 250 ccNS admin 1-10mcg/min
  20. epi 1:10 DRIP
    • 1mcg/min::0.25ml/min::15ml/hr
    • 2mcg/min::0.50ml/min::30ml/hr
    • 3mcg/min::0.75ml/min::45ml/hr
    • 4mcg/min::1.00ml/min::60ml/hr
    • 5mcg/min::1.25ml/min::75ml/hr
    • 6mcg/min::1.50ml/min::90ml/hr
    • 7mcg/min::1.75ml/min::150ml/hr
    • 8mcg/min::2.00ml/min::120ml/hr
    • 9mcg/min::2.25ml/min::135ml/hr
    • 10mcg/min::2.50ml/min::150ml/hr
  21. etomidate
    0.3mg/kg IV

    usual adult dose=20mg
  22. famotidine
    • 20mg IV
    • 20-40mg PO
  23. fentanyl
    50-75mcg IM/IV/IO bolus then 25 mcg every 20-30 min until a max of 200mcg or clinical improvement
  24. furosemine
    • 20mg IV or dose to equal patients normal single home PO dose
    • MAX dose=160mg

  25. glucagon
    • 1-2mg IM
    • follow blood glucose in 15min if <60
  26. glucose oral
    one tube or packet 37.5gm
  27. haloperidol
    5-10mg IV/Im

    may repeat with med control
  28. ibuprofen
    400-800mg PO
  29. ipratropium
    500mcg per neb treat
  30. ketorolac
    30mg IV IM
  31. lecalbuterol
    0.63-1.25mg 3cc in nebX3 doses
  32. lidocaine
    1.5mg/kg IV bolus

    • initial dose 0.75mg/kg in pt >60
    • repeat 1/2 initial dose in 10min

  33. lorazepam
    2-4mg IV/IM

    may repeat q5-10min if seizures not controlled
  34. magnesium sulfate
    2g slow IV push

    dose may be repeated once
  35. methyprednisolone
    125mg IV
  36. metoclopramide
    5-10mg IV or IM

  37. metoprolol
    • 5mg IV over 1min
    • repeat 5min up to 15mg
  38. midazolam
    0.5-2mg IV slowly over 2-3min. may slowly titrate dose up to 5mg total usual total dose 2.5-5.0mg

    IM dose 5mg
  39. morphine sulfate
    • 4mg IM/IV/IO bolus then 2mg
    • every 5-10min until max of 10mg or improvement
  40. naloxone
    • 0.5-2mg IV bolus titrated to patients repiratory response
    • 1-2mg Nasally via atomizer
    • may be given IM if unable to establish or admin nasally in a known narcotic overdose
  41. NS
    • KVO for IV access
    • bolus 250-500ml for cardiac
    • bolus 500-1000ml for volume
    • bolus 1000ml for burns
  42. nitroglycerin
    • Chest Pain
    • 1spray/tab SL every 5min until painfree or 3doses
    • if SBP <100, contact med control
    • 1" paste after pain free or 3 doses

    • Pulmonary Edema
    • 1 spray/tablet SL every 1-2min if BP >100sys
    • mean arterial blood pressure should not be decreased more than 30%

    • Hypertension
    • 1spray/table SL every 1-2min until BP <100dias
    • mean arterial bp should not be decreased more than 30%
  43. nitrous oxide
    inhaled gas to effect per local protocol with 50/50mix
  44. ondansetron
    4mg IM or IV
  45. oxymetazoline
    2 sprays in affected nostril
  46. pralizoxime
    600mg IM or IV
  47. prednisone
    40-60mg PO
  48. procainamide
    • 100mg IV load
    • may repeat q10min per medical control order
    • 10-20mg/min IV infusion
  49. promethazine
    12.5-25mg IM or IV

    >60 12.5mg
  50. ranitadine
    • 50mg IV
    • 150mg PO
  51. sodium bicarbonate
    1 amp 50mEq) IV initial then 1/2amp IV every 10min as needed

    in TCA(tricyclic) 1amp 50mEq) bolus then 2amps in 1liter of NS for unfusion at 200ml/Hr
  52. Succinylcholine
    1.5mg/kg IV. if inadequate relaxation after 3min. may repeat dose. consider atropine to avoid bradycardia associated with repeat dosing

    1.5mg/kg IM (onset of action is variable and may be delayed)
  53. vasopressin
    40units IVx1
  54. vecuronium
    0.1 IV if inadequate relaxation after 5min may repeat dose
  55. ziprasidone
    10-20mg IM
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