chapter10 study guide

  1. Pericardial sac, or parietal pericardium
    thick, parchment-like membrane that covers the heart
  2. Pericardial cavity
    the potential space enclosed by the pericardial sac that is nearly filled by the presence of the heart
  3. Epicardium, or visceral pericardium
    thin membrane that forms the outer surface of the heart
  4. Myocardium
    cardiac muscle
  5. Endocardium
    thin, inner lining of the heart
  6. Atria
    two thin-walled, upper chambers that receive incoming blood
  7. Ventricles
    two thick-walled, lower chambers that push blood out of the heart
  8. Vena cavae
    two large veins that deposit blood into the right atrium
  9. Coronary sinus
    drains the heart into the right atrium
  10. Valves
    permit one-way flow of blood within the heart
  11. Pulmonary circulation
    blood associated with the lungs
  12. Systemic circulation
    the distribution of the aortic branches and the return of blood to the heart by way of veins
  13. Coronary circulation
    consists of vessels that arise from a small branch at the base of the aorta to supply the heart wall
  14. Sinoatrial (SA) node
    cluster of cells in the right atrium; serves as the pacemaker of the heart
  15. Atrioventricular (AV) node
    a second cluster of cells; relays the signal to the ventricles after a brief delay
  16. Atrioventricular (AV) bundle, or bundle of His
    cells that form a conduction pathway through the walls of the ventricles
  17. Systole (contracting)
    ventricular contraction
  18. Diastole (drawing apart)
    ventricular relaxation
  19. Blood pressure
    pressure differences produced by alternating states of systole and diastole; measured routinely to aid in diagnosis of heart and vascular disease
  20. Vasoconstriction
    contraction of artery walls to reduce their diameter
  21. Vasodilation
    relaxation of artery walls to increase their diameter
  22. Arterioles (little arteries)
    the smallest branches of arteries
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