1. excoriate (v)
    • a) to express a very bad opinon of a book , play etc.
    • ex) an excoriating review in ' the Times "
  2. orthodox (adj)
    a) conforming to established doctrine especially in religion
  3. innocuous (adj)
    • a) not harmful or injurious, harmless
    • b)not likely to irriate or offend
    • e.x #1 : expert Poision Info Center can help househole with substance with harmful or innocuous chemicals.
    • ex. #2: It advice that regular bloggers should only blog about innocuous topices so that they won't be in troubles.
  4. predisposed (v)
    • a) to make someone inclined to something in advance
    • ex. Eating unhealth food can predisposed one to develop diabetes
  5. antipathy (n)
    • a) an instinctive contrariety or opposition in feeling
    • a feelingof intense dislike
    • ex) It was surprising that my sister become friend with Frank, she used to have antipathy toward him.
  6. grotesque (groh-tesk) adj
    a) odd or unnatural in shape, appearance, or character
  7. rancor (n)
    • a) bitter, long lasting resentment
    • b) deep-seated ill will
    • ex) In the meeting, there were name calling and criticism remark that createda a great rancor amonth the communitee
    • ex) The senates is concerning about the divison gov't parties and teh level of rancor between the two sides would bring harm to the nation.
  8. extricate (v)
    • a) to free or release from entanglement; disengage: to extricate someone from a dangerous situation.
    • b) to liberate (gas) from combination, as in a chemical process.
    • c) to remove or free from complication, hindrance, or difficulty; disentangle
    • ex.)
    • 1. Several survivors were extricated
    • from the wreckage.
    • 2. They extricated the tractor from
    • the mud.
    • 3. She hasn't been able to extricate
    • herself from her legal problems.
  9. sedentary (adj)
    • a) keeping one seated much of the time
    • b)doing or requiring much sitting <a sedentary job
  10. relegate (v)
    • a) to exile or banish (some to a place
    • b) to assign to an inferior position
    • c) to submit to someone or something ofr appropriate action
    • ex) prisoner who were convicted murder will be relegate to sea prision
    • ex) The bill has been relegated to cmmittee for discussion.
  11. precarious (adj)
    • a) dependent on circumstances beyond one's control, uncertain, unstable
    • b) unsure, unsteady, doubtful
    • ex) The situation become more precarious when homeowner used their house to borrow second loan when the banks are unstable to loan money.
  12. tantamount (adj)
    • a) equl., as in value, force, effect
    • b) something that is to be almost the same thing as something else
    • ex) His angry speech was tantamount to a delcaration of war
    • ex) His statement was tantamount to an admission of guilt.
  13. inane (adj)
    • a) very stupid or without much meaning
    • b) lack in sense, significance or ideas, silly
    • ex) an inane remark
  14. In retrospect (v)
    • V.
    • a) thinking back to a time in teh past, esp. with the advanatage of knowing more now than before
    • ex) In retrospect, I wonder if we should have done this
    • ex) It was, in retrospect, the happiest day of her life.
  15. fortuitous (adj)
    • a) happening by chance, esp. in a way that has a good result.
    • ex) A fortuitous encounter with Jim's boss at the coffe shop help jim got promoted.
  16. incongruous (adj)
    • a) out of place, inapporpriate, unsuitable in a particular situation
    • ex) the new theatre looks incongruous in its setting.
  17. dilapidate (adj)
    • a) reduced to or fallen into partial ruin or decay, as from age, wear, or neglect.
    • ex) a dilapidated building.
  18. incessant (adj)
    • a) continuing w/o stopping
    • ex) the child's incessant crying irritate her.
  19. maudlin (adj)
    • a) talking or behaving in a sad, silly and emotional way. esp. when drunk
    • b) tearfully or weakly emotional, foolishly sentimental beacuse of drunkenness.
    • ex) Sir Ralph was becoming maudlin after his third glass of red wine.
  20. inadvertent (adj)
    • a) unintensional mistake, lack of care.
    • ex) John will be pleased to remedy any inadvertent omission and errow.
    • ex) Bob's inadverntent chemical spill caused the whole class to evauate.
  21. chide (v)
    • a) to express disapproval of, scold
    • ex) the principal chided the children for their thoughtless pranks
  22. repugnant (adj)
    • a) distasetful, offeensive, arosuing disguest or aversion
    • ex) It's morally repugnant for any judge to delay justice based on self-interest.
  23. diabolic (adj)
    • a) evil or cruel
    • b) having the qualities of a devil. outrageoulsy wicked
    • ex) The FBI have spent many years searching for the diabolical servial skiller
  24. subversive (adj)
    • a) ideas, activities are secret and intended to damage or destroy a government or an est. system
    • ex) The nort korean form a subversive group to overthrown Kim Young Ill
  25. conceive (v)
    • a) to imagine a particular situation or to think about something in particular way
    • b) to form a notion or ieda etc and develop it in your mind.
    • c) to hold as an ioinion, think, believe
    • ex) He could not conveive that anything really serious could be worrying his friend.
    • ex) John's mom couldn convieve the reason why his son did such a stupid thing.
  26. exorbitant (adj)
    • a) an exorbitant price, amount of money etc is much higher than it should be
    • ex) When the economy has high demand in real estate, the bank charges homeowner an exorbitant interest rate on mortage loans
    • ex) The new building in new york chargers an exorbitant rent.
  27. terse (adj)
    • a) brieft, abruptly concise, curt
    • b)a terse reply, message etc. uses very few words and often show that you are annoyed
    • ex) Dere's terse reply ended the conversation with his wife.
  28. sporadic (adj)
    • a) occuring at irregular intervals or only a few places
    • b) happening fairly often, but not regularly, intermittent
    • ex) The citizen of Mexico heard sporadic gunfire at night that wake them up from time to time.
  29. superfluous (adj)
    • a) more than is needed or wanted
    • ex) A modern building whit no superfluous decoration.
    • ex) Jenny writing is too wordy, the teacher recommended her to elimiated all those superfluous words and phrases.
  30. rhetorical (adj)
    a) rhetorical question a question that you ask as a way of making a statement, w/o expecting an answer
  31. cohesion (n)
    cohesive (adj)
    • a) unity, stickly together
    • ex) Muslin is a small but cohesive group, and for that they were able to expand quickly.
  32. vociferous (adj)
    • a) expressing your opinions loudly and strongly
    • ex) The Occppy Wall Street has become vociferous in its protest of the goverment by camping outside the policial building.
  33. premise (n)
    • a) a statement or idea that you accept as true and use as a base for developing other ideas
    • b) a propersition supporting or helping to support a conclusion.
    • ex) The idea that there is life on other planets is the central premise of the novel.
  34. estrange (v)
    • a) to turn away in feeling or affection, make unfriendly or hostile.
    • ex) Tim awakward behaviors estranged other to become his friends.
    • ex) Her husband's cheating estranged their relationship.
    • ex) Their incessant quarrel estranged the two friends.
  35. bolster (v)
    • a) to help someone ot feel better and more positive.
    • b) to improve something
    • ex) He is making a bold attempt to bolster the territory's conidence .
  36. regress (v)
    a) acting back like one acted in the past; acting like a child
  37. reprehensible (adj)
    • a) behavior that deserves criticism
    • ex) Adultery is a reprehensible behavior.
    • ex) Most people would agree that selling illegal drugs to teenagers is a reprehenisble behavior.
  38. illicit (adj)
    • a) illegal, unlawful activities
    • ex) The law consider Internet pron is categorize as an illicit work.
  39. venerate (v)
    • a) to honour or respect someone or something beacuse they are old, holy, or connected with the past.
    • ex) The Statue of Liberty is to be venerated for generation by the New Yorker.
  40. scrupulous (adj)
    • a) very careful to be completely honest and fair
    • ex) Don't expect brokers to be scrupulous with their clients.
    • ex) The non-profits organization will be scrupulous in maintaining the highest moral standards.
    • ex) The charity want to be scrupulous in taking care of the orphan children so that everyone feel they have the same treatment.
  41. calandestine (adj)
    • a) done or kept secret
    • b) characterized by, done in or executed with secrecy
    • ex) a clandestine affair.
  42. exonerate (v)
    • a) to state offically that someone who has been blamed for something is not quilty.
    • b) to clear from accusation, free from guilt or blame
    • c) to relieve as from an obligation duty or task
    • ex) If the DNA testing was approved, Mr. john would be exonerated from his death sentence.
    • ex) To help Kate exonerated feeling for the cause of her brother death, she decided to raise her brother kids as her own.
  43. eradicated (v)
    • to tear up by the roots
    • ex) The deathly diease in Africa now can be eradicated from the popluation with the new vaccine.
  44. indolent (adj)
    • a) lazy, sluggish (usually re: disease condition) causing little pain
    • ex) Same infection are indolent
  45. commensurate (adj)
    • a) matching something in size, quality or lenght of time
    • b) corresponding in extent, amount, or degree
    • ex) Salary will be commensurate with years of experience and skills.
    • ex) Her new position came with a commensurate level of responsibilty.
    • ex) The new high speed network must be commensurate with the circle of the connection
    • ex) The claim for damages must be commensurate to the cost of reparing the vehicel.
  46. nonchalant (adj)
    • a) behaving calmly and not seeing interested in anything or worried about anything
    • ex) Has he got a girlfriend? jill asked trying to sound nonchalante
  47. utilitarian (adj)
    • a) intended to be useful and practical rather than attractive or comfortable
    • ex. ugly utilitarian buildings
  48. inherent (adj)
    • a) A quality that is inherent in something is a natural part of it and cannot be separated form it
    • ex) I am afraid the problems you mention are inherent in the system
    • ex) every business has its own inherent risks.
    • ex) There is an inherent problems of back pain when siting improperly.
  49. dissipate (v)
    • a) To disappear of to lessen in intensity to scatter.
    • b) To spend or use up carelessly, deplete.
    • ex) Slowly, the smoke was dissipated by the breeze.
  50. imperceptible (adj)
    • a) very slight, gradual, subtle
    • b) not able to be sensed
    • ex) The highlighter have faded more to almost imperceptible pale yellow
  51. salient (adj)
    • a) most obvious or noticeable
    • ex) The teacher instucted her student to mark only the salient passages in the book with highlighters.
    • ex) Jen remember only a few salient remarks from the long speech
  52. disseminate (v)
    • a) To scatter widely, as in sowing seed, to become disffused
    • b) to spread information or ideas to as many people as possible.
    • ex) Since 9-11 the website have been the main links to disseminate information
    • ex) Her findings have been widely disseminated.
  53. permeate (v)
    • a) idea or beliefs permeated; means present in every part of it.
    • b) something that enters it and spreads through every part of it
    • ex) the smell of diesel oil permated the air.
    • ex) The heavy rain and damp taht moisture seemed to permeate everything.
    • ex) Racism continues to permeate our society
  54. obsequious (adj)
    • a) very eager to please or agree with people who are powerful-used in order to show disapproval
    • ex) Mary constantly flatter her boss by agreeing loudly to everything he says. However her obsequious behavior annoys him.
  55. impetuous (adj)
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