Lesson Six Vocab

  1. sectarian
    def: narrowly confined to a particular group

    syn: insular; dogmatic
  2. peregrination
    def: travel by walking

    syn: trekking; exploration
  3. accoutrement
    def: an accessory item of dress or equipment

    syn: device; gear
  4. contrive
    def: to plan cleverly; to devise

    syn: concoct; design; engineer
  5. hubris
    def: overbearing pride; arrogance

    syn: conceit; smugness; pompousness
  6. platitude
    def: an obvious remark; a cliche

    syn: banality; maxim; truism
  7. venerate
    def: to respect or revere

    syn: glorify; treasure
  8. scullion
    def: a servant for menial tasks

    syn: peon; toiler
  9. quotidian
    def: everyday; commonplace

    syn: ordinary; routine
  10. prognosticate
    def: to predict according to present indications

    syn: forecast; foreshadow
  11. antediluvian
    def: extremely old; antiquated

    syn: ancient; archaic
  12. stringent
    def: restrictive; imposing demanding standards

    syn: severe; rigid; inflexible
  13. haughty
    def: condescendingly proud; arrogant

    syn: conceited; snobbish; supercilious
  14. sanctimonious
    def: showing false piety or righteousness

    syn: hypocritical; specious
  15. imbroglio
    def: a difficult and embarrassing situation

    syn: predicament; dilemma
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