Science cell words

  1. what is the thin skin that covers the cell, it has tiny holes
    cell membrane
  2. whats controls everything that happens in the cell, what is the "boss"of the cell, what is usually near the center of the cell and gives the cell its spherical shape, what contains generic material and information for the cell??
  3. what is the gel like substance located between the nucleus and the cell membrane, it fills most of the cell it also gives the cell a shape
  4. what is a thin covering that surrounds the nucleus, it controls the the passage of materials in and out of the nucleus
    nuclear membrane
  5. what is the "powerhouse" of the cell that stores and releases energy that needs for life functions, more found in muscles
  6. a network of channels, its like a series of runways they r used for moving material throughout the cell
    endroplasmic reticulum
  7. the bb like structure that makes and stores protein for the activity of the cell, most move freely in the cell
  8. what is the thing that stores energy, its a liquid filled space used for storing nutrients wast and water, they pump out extra water, its largest in plant cells

    remember: a vacuum holds waste and the sanitary electric mop hold water and they r both run by electricity
  9. what is found inside the nucleus, they r the blueprints for life, they pass on generics or characteristics form one generation to the next, best seen during reproduction, each has a set of these, it contains DNA, RNA and nucleic acids
  10. how are plant cells different from animal cells?
    plants have cell wall and chloroplast
  11. plants make their own food by................. and are called
    photosynthesis,and autorophs
  12. what makes plants green that animals dont have?
  13. the # and size of the _______ also is different in plant and animal cells. plants only have 1or2 and are large animals have lots and are very small
  14. _________surround the cell membrane of the plant cell. its made of nonliving material called______ and is stiff and rigid it gives the plant its shape
    cell wall, cellulose
  15. ______ is found in the cytoplasm of a plant cell. _______ contains a green substance called chlorophyll.
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