Business law 225

  1. Black's law Defintion of LAW
    is a body of rules of action or conduct prescribed by controlling authority, and having binding legal force. that which must be obeyed and followed by citizens subject to sanctions or legal consequence.
  2. Primary functions served by the law in the this country are?
    • 1.keeping the peace, which includes making certain activies crimes
    • 2.shaping moral standards
    • 3.Promoting social justice
    • 4.mainting the status quo
    • 5.Facilitating orderly change
    • 6.Facilitating planning
    • 7.Providing a basis for compromise
    • 8.Maximizing Freedom
  3. jurisprudence
    The philosphy or science of the law
  4. moral theory of law
    law should be based on morality and ethics
  5. Natural law school
    law is based on what is correct
  6. Analytical school
    maintains that law is shaped by logic
  7. Sociological school
    asserts that the law is a means of achieving and advancing certain sociological goals
  8. command school
    believe that the law is a set of rules developed, communicated, and enforeced by the ruling party rather than a refalection of the societys morality,history logic and sociaology.this school maintains that the law changes when the ruling class changes
  9. schools of jurisprudential thought
    natural law of school,historcal, analytical, sociological, command, critical legal studies
  10. critical legal studies
    purposes that legal rules are unnecessary and are used as an obstacle by the powerful to maintain the status quo
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