AP Human Geography unit 2 vocab

  1. AIDS
    STD from HIV
  2. arithmetic population density
    total population distributed equaly over the total land of a country
  3. carrying capacity
    amount of people the land can support
  4. census
    a count of a country's population
  5. child mortality rate
    number of childeren that die (1-5 years of age)
  6. chronic disease
    long lasting disease/affliction (connected with dependency ratio)
  7. contraception
    anything used to prevent or control pregnancy (birth control)

    used more where women have acces to an education, but is not used where women do not have access to an education
  8. crude death rate (CDR)
    number of deaths yearly per thousand people
  9. crude birth rate (CBR)
    number of births yearly per thousand people
  10. demographic transiton
    model where CBR and CDR go from high to low
  11. demography
    the study of population
  12. dependency ratio
    the number of non-working people to the number of working people
  13. doubling time
    the ammount of time it takes somthing (a population) to double
  14. infant morality rate (IMR)
    number of baies that die (less than one year of age)
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AP Human Geography unit 2 vocab
AP Human Geography Unit 2 vocab