1. If a study tries to control for a specific characteristic in the
    subject population, the researchers would most likely use what sort of sampling

    stratified sampling
  2. According to lecture, in
    order for the results of a study to be generalized, the study must have:
    external validity
  3. According
    to the Social Judgment Theory, which statement is true of ego involvement?
    1. empersonaly concern with an issue conceptualized as a commitment, personal importiore, relevance, intensity. 2. greater ego involv=greater rejection. 3.issue specific. 4. not extreme.
  4. According to lecture, theory is used differently in social
    science approaches to communication because it:
  5. This term refers to the way a variable is measured in a study:
  6. Social Judgment Theory
    • (explains persuasion from a methelogy)
    • -receiver judges the position advocately the message.
    • receiver changes attitude in relation to judgement.
  7. The
    Theory of Reasoned Action was designed to measure:
  8. The
    Subjective Norm component of the Theory of Reasoned Action includes which
  9. The Attitudinal Component
    of the Theory of Reasoned Action includes which subcomponent?
  10. According to the
    Elaboration Likelihood Model, enduring persuasion is achieved through the:

  11. According
    to Face Negotiation Theory which conflict style is often overlooked in Western

  12. According to lecture, the Sleeper Effect
    refers to which phenomenon?
  13. Post decision dissonance
    occurs when a decision is:
    occurs when decisions are important.
  14. When a person imagines that
    their behavior is motivated by their beliefs or attitudes, they are making what
    type of attribution:
    dispositional attribute.
  15. According to Cognitive
    Dissonance, which of these means of reducing dissonance results in persuasion?
  16. The United States would
    reflect which type of culture:
  17. Japan
    would reflect which type of culture:
  18. The “
    foot-in-the-door” effect suggests that compliance can be obtained when:
  19. Which of these elements of
    the Message Learning Model most closely relates to the concept of ethos:
  20. According to lecture, and
    using NIU as an example of an organization, Deetz would consider Hoffman
    Estates to be primarily what kind of stakeholder?
    Host communities
  21. According
    to lecture, Vietnam Idol would be an example of:
    cultural exportation or globalization?
  22. According to Deetz, which
    organizational stakeholder wants “a stable demand for their resource with
    timely payment upon delivery?”
  23. Which type of
    organizational story conveys ideology and/or policy?
    corporate stories
  24. Which type of
    organizational story tells positive or negative anecdotes about others in the
    collegial stories
  25. Who
    defined culture as “systems of shared meaning?”
  26. . Which of these elements
    of the Message Learning Model most closely relates to the concept of pathos:
  27. In the
    film “Down in the Delta,” Loretta’s daughter Tracy represented with
    characteristic of Uncertainty Reduction Theory.
  28. When you ask a mutual
    friend about a person you just met, you are using which information strategy?
  29. If you have just met
    someone, and you try to determine if you know the same people, you would be
    reflecting which axiom of the Uncertainty Reduction Theory.
    share networks
  30. According to Communication
    Accommodation Theory, convergence is often motivated by a:
    desire of approval.
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