Paralegal Research and Writing

  1. No.1 Reason to do legal research "the right way"(according to bob berring)
  2. 3 Basic Prinsiples (according to bob berring)
    • 1. Understand Information
    • 2. Understand Research System
    • 3. Use Context -its crucial, waht are the subjects, buzzwords?
  3. What are the different forms of Judcial Reports? (according to bob berring)
  4. When looking at Cases/Decisions, what must you take into consideration?
    • 1.Opinions
    • 2.Holding v. Dicta
    • 3. See Opinions as "universe of information"
    • 4. Reading must be done carefully.
  5. What are OPINIONS?
    They are advocacy documents (a judge's opinion); are rethorical devices.
  6. Judicial Opinions Deal with why type of Issues?
    Issues of Law
  7. Three Part Court System
    • 1. trial court (Federal level: District Court)
    • 2. Appellate Court
    • 3. Court of last resort (usually supreme court)
  8. Trial Court
    • Trial Court (state level)
    • District Court (federal level)
    • -resolve issues of Fact as well as Issues of Law
  9. Appellate Court
    • Only Issues of Law
    • 3 judges make decision.
    • There are 13 Federal Appellate Courts (U.S. Courts of Appeals) broken down into CIRCUITS (1-11 AND Federal circuit and District of Columbia Circuit)
  10. Court of Last Resort (Supreme Court)
    Usually discritionary Jurisdiction
  11. Discritionary Jurisdiction
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