Personality Theories exam 1

  1. Adler EGO
    Adler feld EGO was creative not reactive

    bringing ideas to fruition was the purpose of mankind
  2. Adler Oedipus complex
    male child does not attempt to posses the mother, but strives to attain superiority over his father
  3. Adler Narcissim vs social interest
    Contratry to frued, Adler felt narccism went against human tendency and was a deficency.

    though that humans should develope a healthy social interest in the wellbeing of others
  4. Adlers Motivation toward goals or staifying drives
    did not think people were motivated by silencing the discomfort of biological needs, but rather a motivation to acheive their goals
  5. Adler Unity vs Fragmentation
    though personality tended toward becoming a whole unit. Unlike frued wo had them being fragmented opposing parts
  6. adler dreams
    attempt to solve problems of the concious world
  7. Adler - Organ Inferiority
    Felt that physicals inferiorities drove people to overcompensate and use these new skills as careers, ect.
  8. Adler - Drive
    Drives are several components that all work together to make the person function.

    Drives can be transfored to the opposite- drive to eat become annorexia

    Displacement - love for father transfers to love for another authority

    Inward redirection- Drive to see becomes drive to be looked at

    displacement onto a strong drive - blocking sex drive increases drive to look at sex
  9. Adler- Masculine protests
    drive for men and women to strive for superiority

    peoples organ inferiorites translate fellings of being less than others.
  10. adler neurotic personalities
    person becomes obseessed with protecting ones self, compensation for feelings of inferioriy
  11. adler - safegaurding strarigies
    • excuses or rationalizing
    • - reasons to escape lifes demands
    • aggressive startegies
    • - depreication
    • -accusation
    • -self accusation (guilt)
    • distanceing strategies
    • -moving backward
    • -standing still
    • -hesitation
    • -constructing obsticles
  12. adlers life tasks
    • Occupational - feeling of inferiority can only be quelled by meaningful work
    • Societal - make the world a better place
    • Love - continue mankind

    all tasks are interelated and neccessary to solving the problem of life
  13. adler - personality types
    Ruling Dominant - assertive, agressive, manipulate and master life. minmal social interest and little empathy. May become antisocial

    Getting-Leaning Type - freeloaders, little social interets and low activity levels

    Avoidant - acheive mastery by avoiding defeat. Low social interest and even lower activity levels

    Socially Useful - high activity, high social interest and empathy
  14. Ader Birth order
    Oldest child - prepares itself for being alone because 2nd child took all attention. facinated with the past. or may become the helper by immitating mom/dad

    Second born - strives to out achieve the first born, unless the first is so advanced that they give up.

    youngest child - pampered throughout life, strives to achieve, causes the second most problems as a child. can be very ambition

    only child - pampered by mom. rival of the father. can develop charm to make others like them
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Personality Theories exam 1
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