"D, E, & F" Root Words

  1. Dac/ Doc
    • to teach
    • -to imbue a person with learning.
    • didactic: intended for instruction.
  2. De
    • away, off, down, completely, reversal
    • -to move away, from a higher to a lower place.
    • defile: to make foul, dirty, or unclean.
  3. Dem
    • people
    • -vital and social statistics of populations
    • endemic: particualr to a specific people or locality.
  4. Di/ Dia
    • apart, through
    • -to make wider or larger; to cause to expand
    • dilatory: inclined to delay or procrastinate.
    • dichotomy: division into two parts, kinds, etc.
  5. Dic/ Dict/ Dit
    • to say; to tell; to use words
    • -book containing a selection of the words of a language.
    • interdict: to forbid; prohibit
  6. Dign
    • worth
    • -a person who holds a high rank or office
    • deign: to think fit, or in accordance with one's dignity.
    • condign: well deserved; fitting; adequate
  7. Dis/ Dif
    • away from, apart, reversal, not
    • -to pour out and spread, as in a fluid
    • disseminate: to scatter or spread widely; promulgate
  8. Dog/ Dox
    • opinion
    • -sound or correct in opinion or doctorine
    • paradox: an opinion or statement contrary to accepted opinion.
    • dogma: a system of tenets, as in a church.
  9. Dol
    • suffer; pain
    • -full of pain or sorrow, grevious
  10. Don/ Dot/ Dow
    • to give
    • -to present as a gift or contribution
    • anecdote: a short narrative about an interesting event
  11. Dub
    • doubt
    • -doubtful
    • dubiety: doubtfulness
    • indubitable: unquestionable
  12. Duc/ Duct
    • to lead
    • -personal behavior, way of acting; leading an orchestra
  13. Dur
    • hard
    • -able to resist decay
    • duress: compulsion by threat, coercion
    • dour: sullen, gloomy
  14. Dys
    • faulty, abnormal
    • -poorly functioning
    • dystrophy: faulty or inadequate nutrition or development.
    • dyspepsia: impared digestion
  15. E/ Ef/ Ex
    • out, out from, from, former, completely
    • -to escape from, avoid
    • extricate: to disentangle, release
    • efface: to rub or wipe out; surpass; eclipse
  16. Epi
    • upon
    • -the outer layer of the skin
    • epigram: a witty or pointed saying tersely expressed
    • epithet: a word or phrase, used invectively as a term of abuse.
  17. Equ
    • equal, even
    • -the act of making equal
    • iniquity: gross injusticae, wickedness
  18. Err
    • to wander
    • -a deviation from correctness or accuracy
    • arrant: downright, thorough, notorious
  19. Esce
    • becoming
    • -between childhood and adulthood
    • obsolescent: becoming obsolete
  20. Eu
    • good, well
    • -pleasant-sounding term for something unpleasant
    • euphony: pleasantness of sound
  21. Extra
    • outside, beyond
    • -beyond the ordinary
    • extradite: to hand over (person accused of crime) to state where the crime was committed
  22. Fab/ Fam
    • speak
    • -attack the good name of
    • ineffable: too great for description of words; that which must not be uttered.
  23. Fac/ Fic/ Fig/ Fait/ Feit/ Fy
    • to do; to make
    • -building for the manufacture of goods
    • ratify: to confirm or accept by formal consent
    • effigy: sulpture or model of a person
  24. Fer
    • to bring; to carry; to bear
    • -to grant, bestow
    • proffer: to offer
  25. Ferv
    • to boil; to bubble
    • -with the quality of giving off bubbles of gas
    • fervid: ardent, intense
  26. Fid
    • faith, trust
    • -to entrust with a secret
    • affadavit: written statement on an oath
    • fiduciary: of a trust; held or given in trust
  27. Fin
    • end
    • -at the end, coming last
    • infinite: without end
  28. Flag/ Flam
    • to burn
    • -easily set on fire
    • flambeau: a lighted torch
    • flagrant: blatant, scandalous
  29. Flect/ Flex
    • to bend
    • -able to bend without breaking
    • genuflect: to bend knee, esp. in worship
    • inflect: to change or vary the pitch of
  30. Flu/ Flux
    • to flow
    • -substance capable of flowing freely
    • confluence: merging into one.
    • mellifluous: pleasing, musical
  31. Fore
    • before
    • -care or provision for the future
  32. Fort
    • strength
    • -to provide with fortifications, strengthen.
    • fortissimo: very loud
    • forte: strong point; something a person does well.
  33. Fra/ Frac/ Frag/ Fring
    • to break
    • -breakage, esp of bone
    • refractory: stubborn, unmanageable, rebellious
    • infringe: to break or violate (a law, etc.)
  34. Fus
    • to pour
    • -lavish, extravagant, copious
    • fullisade: continuous discharge of firearms, or outburst of criticism
    • suffuse: to spread throughout or over from within
    • diffuse: to spread widely or thinly
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